Micro-interviews | VisionChina (Beijing) Interview with Huarui Technology's Director for North China

On 22 July, the China Machine Vision for Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Conference was successfully concluded at the Beijing International Convention Centre. The conference attracted end-users, AI vision technology suppliers, system integrators, equipment manufacturers and other parties in the machine vision industry to gather and discuss the new picture of intelligent manufacturing.

Photos from the conference

With years of valuable experience in providing solutions for factory automation, logistics and transportation, 3C, photovoltaic and other industries, Zhejiang Huarui Technology Co. We are pleased to invite Mr. Wang Minghu, Director of North China, to the interview room to talk about the products on display and the new market demand for machine vision that he sees in the future.

Photo of VIVOTEK booth

In the interview, Mr Wang said: "First of all, I would like to thank you for inviting us to this exhibition. We have brought our code reader and large array series of products. Among them, there are rich and complete product lines of code readers for different applications, and at the same time, there are some highlights in specific technologies to enhance the whole product, making the debugging easier, the application scenarios more extensive, and the code reading recognition rate higher. In addition, our large surface array products include 65 million, 25 million and 12 million covering interfaces such as Gigabit Network, 10 Gigabit Network, Cameralink, CXP, etc., which are more widely used in the industry.

Photos of the exhibits at the Huarui Technology booth

Photos of the exhibits at the VIVOTEK booth

At present, most of the domestic vision manufacturers are concentrated in 3C electronics, electronic engineering, logistics and medical medicine, and the cases and technologies are relatively mature. In response to the question "What new market demand will there be for machine vision or related technologies in the future," Mr. Wang told us: "With the upgrading and iteration of products in the whole industrial chain, the requirements for camera resolution, frame rate and various performance will become higher and higher. This, coupled with the development of 5G technology, has also led to a greater demand for wireless network services for factories across the vision industry. The products we are launching and our future goal is to create an entire factory intelligence, including software engineering at the back end, to form a complete supply chain strip. The way we are responding is basically in this direction."

Mr Wang also shared with us that in recent years VIVOTEK has had more in-depth cooperation with Foxconn, Makara and larger 3C electronics companies.

Photos of the exhibits at VIVOTEK's booth

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