Vision Dialogue· Exhibitor|Mr. Feng Bing, General Manager of Xi'an Vision Image Technology Co.


VisionChina 2021 (Beijing) has come to a successful end, and the high quality forum presentations by industry experts attracted many visitors to share this machine vision event.

Mr. Feng Bing, General Manager of Xi'an Yuanwang Image Technology Co., Ltd. gave a wonderful speech in the "Precision Imaging and Vision Applications" sub-forum and introduced the new sensors and camera products brought to the exhibition.

1、What are the latest technologies and products your company has brought to VisionChina (Beijing) 2021? What are the highlights of your main products?

We have brought the latest ez1288 image sensor and camera performance test equipment to the show, and I will also be giving a presentation on camera performance testing standards at the show to try to answer the question of "what is the best camera model to use and how to use the camera well", a question that most people in the machine vision industry are concerned about. The question that most people in the machine vision industry are interested in.

Our test equipment has been developed using the latest international and domestic sensor and camera performance standards and can be used to perform comprehensive optoelectronic performance tests on image sensors and cameras. The main highlight of our product is that it can tell you which manufacturer's image sensor or camera has the highest performance, thus helping you to choose the best image sensor or camera quickly and accurately.

Our test equipment can be used to test the optoelectronic performance of image sensors or cameras using both the common EMVA 1288 international standard and the soon to be released national standards. Through the use of our test equipment, manufacturers can more intuitive and accurate quantitative understanding of their own products, my product is good, compared to other products and how, can have a clear positioning.

2、Machine vision is known as the "eye of industry", as an emerging technology is highly expected, is one of the key technologies to promote the global manufacturing intelligence revolution. In what segmented scenarios do you think there is more market space for machine vision?

According to a study conducted by a relevant unit, vision accounts for 83% of the external information obtained by people, which means that more than 80% of information is obtained through the human eye. Machine vision as the eye of industry, is the future of artificial intelligence and a variety of devices to obtain information, the development of standards is the inevitable trend of industry development to a certain extent, is the market size and industry potential of intuitive performance, now the machine vision industry has launched a number of international standards and domestic standards. In recent years, the field of self-driving cars has been in full swing, and special standards have been prepared to be launched. It is well known that autonomous driving uses many cameras, lenses as well as image sensors, and that the milestones of autonomous driving have a lot to do with the rapid development of machine vision technology. In addition, there are specific standards for multispectral imaging coming soon, all of which I will talk about in my report tomorrow. With industry standards to reverse the development of the industry, it is foreseeable that the development prospects and market space for machine vision in these two areas are exceptionally broad.

3、From the perspective of the current industrial environment, what will be the next business focus of Yuanwang Image?

Our company's main business is the testing platform for image sensors and camera performance. From the perspective of the current industrial environment, our test platform is still far from being popularized. Domestic image sensor manufacturers have realised the importance of standards and are starting to focus on testing their own products. However, many camera manufacturers, users and system integrators have not yet realised the importance of standards. Therefore, our next work will focus on three aspects. The first is to make our products better and more detailed; the second is to expand the functions and extend the performance, our existing standard does not include all the test items, customers are constantly putting forward requirements, and our products also need to be constantly improved. The third aspect is that our company, as the only Chinese unit contributing to the EMVA 1288 international standard, has the obligation and responsibility to promote this standard in China. At the same time, we also need to combine the needs of everyone, converge with international standards and further expand this standard. The test equipment we develop relies on the industry standard and at the same time promotes the standard. As the standard continues to be enriched and standardised, our test equipment will certainly be more perfect and gain more room for progress.

4、Was your company satisfied with the quality and quantity of visitors to the exhibition? Did you meet some important customers or intended cooperation customers? What are your expectations for next year's exhibition?

Those who listened attentively to the reports in the forum area were certainly industry-related professionals. The large number of audience at the forum indicates that the quality and quantity of visitors were very good. We have already met a few customers in the afternoon, all of whom are very professional and still have a strong intention to cooperate. We will strive to continue to participate next year and hope that the exhibition will be better and better, the quality of visitors will be higher and higher, and the technology, products and presentations will be more exciting.


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