VisionChina (Beijing) 2021 Opened Today

On July 21, the China Machine Vision Assisted intelligent manufacturing innovation and development conference hosted by the machine vision industry alliance (cmvu) and hosted by Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was grandly opened in Beijing International Convention Center. The conference is supported by the equipment industry development center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, China Robotics Industry Alliance (CRIA), China Electronic Standardization Research Institute, China information and Communication Research Institute, China Mobile Communication Research Institute, Tsinghua University, edge computing industry alliance (ECC) and 5g deterministic network industry alliance (5gdna), and many experts attended the conference, Make a wonderful speech for the audience.

With the theme of "intelligent manufacturing leads high-quality development", the conference opened a main forum and sub forum. For the six cutting-edge themes of machine vision, the main forum intelligent manufacturing leads high-quality development. The sub forum themes are: precision imaging and visual application, artificial intelligence and deep learning, 3D vision and robot, 5g & 5g evolution: industrial machine vision The five themes of smart factory and smart logistics launched 43 special reports to deeply analyze the application of machine vision technology and intelligent manufacturing innovation and development, and provide Chinese solutions for the intelligent development of machine vision technology and application fields in the world.

The conference first ushered in the opening ceremony. The organizers, organizers, leaders, speakers, audience and exhibitors witnessed the accelerated innovation and transformation of the machine vision industry in the new era. Exhibitors and visitors from all over the country and their industry enterprises and experts gathered together to share the machine vision audio-visual feast.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia has caused immeasurable losses to the world economy, and has also brought a great impact to the machine vision industry. Based on the changes in the current political and economic situation at home and abroad, combined with the national "14th five year plan" and long-term development goals, make full use of the advantages of Beijing's "four centers", and give full play to Beijing as China's capital with new generation information technology, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, medicine and health, intelligent equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy intelligent vehicles, new materials Ten industries such as software and information services and science and technology services are the overall layout of key development. The purpose of this conference is to further carry out top-level design for the future of the industry, layout the development trend of the industry in advance, deeply tap the potential of the industry and other issues, discuss and reach a broad industry consensus, and lay the foundation of ideas, objectives and tasks for the healthy development and stable development of the industry in the next step.

Conference Hall 4: diversified exhibits appear

·Diversified products and technologies

The exhibition covers the core components of machine vision such as smart camera, board card, software package, accessories, industrial lens, light source and sensor, as well as 3D vision technology, image acquisition card, image processing software and other machine vision accessories.

·Industry leading brands at home and abroad gather together

Lingyunguang, Haikang, huilide allied vision, keenz KEYENCE, Baumer, lucid vision, Daheng and other well-known brands at home and abroad appeared at the exhibition site with many "black technology" products, bringing new intelligent experience to the audience!

Conference hall 5: opening of the forum and special exhibition area

·Main forum: intelligent manufacturing leads high-quality development

Focusing on accelerating the construction of a new development pattern with domestic large cycle as the main body and domestic and international double cycles promoting each other, closely promote the upgrading of industrial foundation and the modernization of industrial chain, empower China's manufacturing industry with machine vision technology, and take intelligent manufacturing industrial chain, innovation chain and ecological chain as the main line, experts will introduce AI and intelligent manufacturing, the development status of China's machine vision Demand and application of machine vision in robot application, lithium battery,

photovoltaic detection and other fields.

·Sub Forum:

·With artificial intelligence as the theme, set up special reports on accurate imaging and visual application, artificial intelligence and deep learning, 3D vision and robot, 5g & 5g evolution: industrial machine vision, smart factory and smart logistics to deeply analyze the development trend and technological innovation in the field of machine vision technology under artificial intelligence.

·Scheme exhibition area:

Show the application examples of machine vision in key fields such as rail transit, solar energy, electronic information, biomedicine, aerospace and agricultural equipment.

What if you can't watch the exhibition on site?

The organizers provide live pictures. Diversified exhibits and special activities will be delivered to interested audiences in the form of pictures. Don't miss it!
Wonderful tomorrow continues, looking forward to your visit!

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