VisionChina (BeiJing) 2021 Ends Successfully

On July 22, 2021, VisionChina (BeiJing) 2021, hosted by the Machine Vision Industry Union of ZGC and Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd., came to a successful conclusion at the Beijing International Convention Center.

The two-day conference, with the motto of "intelligent manufacturing for high-quality development", featured six themes and 43 resourceful expert talks on cutting-edge machine vision technologies in its plenary and forum sessions. A total of 3,267 professionals attended the conference and the concurrent exhibition. 42 machine vision enterprises exhibited their latest products along with the conference, providing chances for supply-demand conversations.

Topics addressing industry trends and potential

Focusing on "intelligent manufacturing for high-quality development", VisionChina (BeiJing) 2021 launched 43 technical reports on five themes: AI and Deep Learning, 3D Vision and Robot, Precise Imaging and Vision Application, 5G & Its Evolution: Industrial Machine Vision, Smart Factory and Logistics. Against the current scientific, technological and economic backdrop in the world and in China, the conference aimed to accelerate the modernization and upgrading of the foundation and environment of the industry, while fully acknowledging the current economic pattern in China - “domestic circulation as the main approach, complemented by the international circulation”. It enables China's manufacturing industry with machine vision technology, and focuses on industrial, innovation and ecological chains of intelligent manufacturing through in-depth and extensive discussion and presentation that provides inspiring and valuable reference for the decision-makers in the industry.

A VisionPlus+ Approach United Different Fields

VisionChina (BeiJing) 2021 brings together excellent machine vision brands and enterprises at home and abroad, such as Luster, Daheng, Hik robot, Allied Vision, Keyence, Baumer, iRayple, LUCID Vision, Azure Photonics, Aqrose, Dongguan CST, Zhaolong, Microvision, VLight, NU Method, Chaoen, VST, Elite, NORCO, Longwei Xinda, WPL, Zhi Sensor, BACHAM, Jiali, Brilliant Optics, Hongke, Percipio, Catchbest, Joview, AINSTEC, Grand United Optics, Wordop, SVT, IMALLIGENT, LOOKLONG, INDEMIND, RZIMAGE, ACTELLIGENT, Jinglian, LightE, Shanghai Bojun, etc. They brought innovative products, high technology and solutions to the conference, where many had witnessed the glorious development of the industry.

In addition to the original exhibition range and their latest developments, the conference further covered related application fields and technologies, including machine vision applications in rail transit, solar energy, electronic information, biomedicine, aerospace and agriculture.

Positive message from exhibitors to VisionChina (BeiJing) 2021

Mr. Wang Minghu, Director of North China District from Zhejiang IRayple Technology Co., Ltd expressed: “There were many exhibitors this year. They all have come up with their cutting-edge products and technologies, jointly promoting the progress and product iteration of the machine vision industry. VisionChina (BeiJing) promoted the product and technology upgrades made in the machine vision industry, while at the same time, it enabled us to learn cutting-edge technologies to empower our products. With Beijing's unique advantages in education, talents, science and technology, VisionChina (BeiJing) had blurred the boundary between "exhibition" and "meeting", so that we could communicate more closely with customers. Through VisionChina (BeiJing), we met new friends, learned about new market applications, and cemented our relationship with old friends. We are loyal customers of VisionChina exhibitions and we will continue to participate in the exhibition, so we can promote the development of machine vision and contribute to intelligent manufacturing as well as the industry.”

Mr. Chen Tian, Product Manager from Baumer Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. told us:” VisionChina (BeiJing) has attracted a large number of visitors this year, and we received a lot of customers at our booth. The visitors were very professional, and they had raised very professional questions. The number and quality of the congress were also very good. VisionChina exhibitions are very professional machine vision events. We participate in VisionChina Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing every year. We also work closely with the exhibition, which is reflected in two aspects. The first is that we can promote our products with the help of the exhibition, so that more customers and visitors can know our new products and technologies. The second is that we can collect feedback from customers at the exhibition. So we will know the pros and cons of our products. We will attend the exhibition next year as scheduled.

Highly accredited conference

Mr. Liu Bin, associate professor from Tianjin University of Technology referred: “This is my third participation in VisionChina (BeiJing). Under the current normalized epidemic prevention control, the safety measures taken by the exhibition is effective. Reports in the conference gave valuable interpretations of national policies and guidelines. I will continue to participate in the next VisionChina (BeiJing). Machine vision technology can be very high-tech, and it can also be used widely. It can be used in large corporations and heavy equipment, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and smart machinery. The development of popular technologies and industries is based on industrial needs. But they also need the promotion of relevant industry organizations. We hope the VisionChina organizing committee will stimulate more new industrial growth potential and academic research. ”

Mr. Xu Yongchao, technical engineer from Beijing CRRC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd expressed:” This is my second participation in VisionChina (BeiJing). I think it is very good. The organizing committee invited leaders of the association, industry experts and technical experts to offer their interpretation the national policies, market data, emerging technologies, and the perspective and blueprint of China's machine vision industry from the angles of the government, the industry and the academy. For enterprises, it brings clearer objectives that enhance their development and ability to better serve the society. Personally, it broadens my horizons and gives me insight into cutting-edge technologies and their applications, so as to better serve my customers. Finally, I wish the conference a complete success and a better future. ”

Ms. Yang Yuyan, engineer from Beijing KEMBL Petroleum Technology Development Co., Ltd referred: “This is the first time I participated in VisionChina (BeiJing). The visit gave me a new understanding of machine vision. It acts as the eye and foundation of intelligent manufacturing. Many brand-new products were exhibited, including well-known Chinese imaging technology enterprises such as Hik robot, as well as background application processing suppliers such as NORCO. I was deeply impressed by the lecture "Interpretation of the National Guidelines for the Construction of National Intelligent Manufacturing Standard System". The development of an industry requires a well-defined direction and objectives first. The speaker from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology talked in detail about the current situation of the construction of an intelligent manufacturing standard system in China. I hope to participate in the next VisionChina (BeiJing). Machine vision enables perception of the world and dream of the future!”

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