Vision Dialogue·Exhibitor|Ms. Wu Guihua, Domestic Sales Director, Fujian Haolan Optoelectronics Co.

On 22 July, VisionChina (Beijing) 2021 was successfully concluded at the Beijing International Convention Centre. The theme of this two-day conference was "Intelligent Manufacturing Leading High Quality Development", and a number of industry experts were invited to deliver exciting presentations in various fields. The conference attracted 3,267 professional delegates to attend and observe the exhibition.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Wu Guihua, Domestic Sales Director of Fujian Haolan Optoelectronics Co. Ms. Wu Guihua gave a detailed introduction on the new products launched at the show and the future development prospects of the machine vision industry! Let's have a look!

Wu Guihua

Domestic Sales Director, Fujian Haolan Optoelectronics Co.


1、What are the latest technologies and products you have brought to VisionChina (Beijing) 2021? What are the highlights of your main products?

This time we are bringing lenses for 151 megapixel large-format 40mm and 60mm short focal lengths, lenses for 1.1-inch 24 megapixel C-interface cameras, lenses for 1.2-inch 25 megapixel C-interface cameras and lenses for 2K 12.5um short-wave infrared cameras. These products are optically designed with floating focus, large aperture and low aberration, and structurally designed with compact, 1G shock-resistant design, resulting in better product reliability and compatibility.

2、At present, there are more manufacturers in the domestic market, focusing on 3C electronics, including electronic engineering, medicine, medical care, logistics, and these fields, and the cases and technologies are relatively more and more mature. What new market demand do you think there will be for machine vision technology or related technology integration in the future? How will your company respond?

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Everything, 5G as a new generation of information technology development is an important direction, machine vision is also listed as one of the important business in the direction of 5G + industrial Internet. 5G and industrial interconnection of the great convergence, in biometrics, intelligent robotics, precision medical services and other convenient will be some key technologies, machine vision will also solve the difficult point of industrial big manufacturing, how to network interconnection in The case of correct, effective and safe production is a key issue, so vision components, although facing many differentiated needs in various industries, will also bring greater prospects. Optical lens as one of the important components of vision, also facing challenges, Hao Blue in large aperture, high resolution lens, from ultraviolet to infrared series of lenses, large target lens will continue to invest in new research and development, but also the research and development forward to the client, take the end-to-end service model, Hao Blue precision optical manufacturing capabilities and imaging optical technology for the integration of machine vision for a broader application of good service.

3, At present, Hao Blue Optoelectronics is in the field of optics more applications?

Since its establishment in 2001, Hao Blue has focused on industrial lens design, production and sales, and currently has more than 700 lens products, covering: from lenses for 2 megapixel cameras to large surface array lenses for 151 million pixels, from lenses for 2K line scan cameras to lenses for 16K line scan cameras, from lenses for visible light to UV and short wave infrared lenses, from M5 interface from visible to UV and short-wave IR lenses, from M5 to M16 trigger lenses, more than 80% of HOLLAND's products are used in the industrial machine vision field, providing customers with one-stop lens supply cooperation for various scenarios.

4、Why did you choose to participate in this Beijing conference? Will you continue to participate in the 2022 exhibition next year?

It is the third year for HOLAN to participate in the Beijing Vision Conference, which is an exhibition with the theme of high quality innovation seminars. The audience of this year's Beijing Vision Conference has a strong professionalism, and each exhibition has got many experts and professional customers for high quality product sharing and technical exchange. Beijing is home to many excellent universities and professional institutes, and is one of the cores of the vision industry's technological development, so the Beijing Machine Vision Conference also provided HOLLAND with excellent opportunities to communicate with colleagues and to learn about the market and technological frontiers. We will definitely attend next year's event as well. As a member of the CMVU Board of Directors, we will follow the CMVU and make good use of its influence in the industry to promote our products, not only in Beijing, but also in the other two exhibitions in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

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