Vision Dialogue`Exhibitor|Mr. Wu Yue, Partner of Shenzhen YAO Ying Optoelectronics Technology Co.

On 22 July, VisionChina (Beijing) 2021 was successfully concluded at the Beijing International Convention Centre. The theme of this two-day conference was "Intelligent Manufacturing Leading High Quality Development", and a number of industry experts were invited to deliver exciting presentations in various fields. The conference attracted 3,267 professional delegates to attend and observe the exhibition.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Wu Yue, Partner of Shenzhen Yoyo Optoelectronics Technology Co. Mr. Wu gave a detailed introduction on the new products launched at the show and the future development prospects of the machine vision industry. Let's have a look!

1、What are the latest technologies and products you have brought to VisionChina (Beijing) 2021? What are the highlights of your main products?

One is the Corning Varioptic liquid lens, which is an optical element used to simulate the human eye for auto-focusing; secondly, we are bringing multispectral imaging products, from multispectral filters to multispectral image sensors and multispectral cameras, which are now increasingly used in the machine vision industry; thirdly, we are bringing our latest technology and products to VisionChina (Beijing 2021). The third is a new product that we have brought, which is a product developed by an Austrian company called the optical microphone. It is a kind of sound detector designed with the principle of optics, which can be used to detect sound. Many invisible things can be heard with sound. For example, optical microphones can be used in the processing of lasers. Laser processing will produce ultrasound, the use of this product can be keenly captured to the ultrasound information, and then the captured ultrasound information can be analysed and processed to understand the entire laser processing process whether there are quality problems or abnormal conditions, is a very advanced technology.

2, Machine Vision is known as the "eye of industry", as an emerging technology is highly expected, is one of the key technologies to promote the global manufacturing intelligence revolution. In which segmented scenes do you think there is more market space for Machine Vision?

Yoying Optoelectronics is a high-tech trading company that makes optoelectronic products, so some of the foreign things we introduce must be relatively unique. At present, Chinese enterprises are developing and progressing very fast in the optoelectronic industry, and many things in China are already doing very well now. If there are still things from abroad that can be introduced to China, they must be something with characteristics and differentiation that can bring help to everyone, so that they can help the development of our science and technology business in China.

I first heard the concept of machine vision from the English language, MACHINE VISION, and after so many years, I now understand that machine vision technology is to give machines the same function as human eyes, so that machines can see, and can see automatically. Machine vision has developed very fast over the years, and the applications are also very extensive, such as industrial inspection applications, biometrics, etc., especially in the application of robotics, robotics applications are actually related to the robot camera, a variety of robot cameras, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, involved in a very wide range.

Another market with potential for development is the direction of automotive electronics. Smart cars with driver assistance systems (ADAS) are now equipped with many cameras, both inside and outside. There are also cameras that can observe the passenger seat and the back seat of the car, so that if you put your child in the back, you can view the surveillance in real time through the camera. In fact, this is all the scope of machine vision, there is a lot of market space.

3、From the perspective of the current industrial environment, where will the company focus its business next?

At present, one of the key business directions of our company is liquid lens, which has been developed from the earliest time to now, almost 20 years. If you focus on mobile phones, the liquid lens has been used in the mobile phones released by Xiaomi in the first half of the year. Our liquid lenses have been used in code reading, biometrics and many medical imaging applications, including pipeline inspection, endoscopy, microscopy and robotic cameras, all of which are slowly being rolled out. Most of the products we are currently involved in are inseparable from machine vision, be it liquid lenses or multi-spectral. In the future, they will also be used in the consumer electronics industry. The optical microphone I mentioned earlier is also a very new technology. Porsche Europe is currently using this technology to monitor the laser welding process, and Airbus is using it for non-destructive testing of composite materials. I believe that in this industry, machine vision will be more widely used when people slowly realise its role.

4、You have just given the example of Porsche, if the optical microphone is to be applied to the whole production process, it must have high requirements for the industrial level of the company itself, can you elaborate?

Yes, because the whole process of laser welding is fully automated and operated by robots. The quality of the welding is so important that you can't wait for a car to be finished before you realise that something isn't welded properly, so you have to be able to monitor it in real time, right through the welding process. At the end of May this year, I went to a company that produces solar energy products, they need to use ultrasonic welding technology to process their products, optical microphone can help the customer in the ultrasonic welding process to monitor the quality of the welding in real time, find the problem can be suspended in time, do not have to wait for the welded parts to go through several processes, only to find out that the front of the problem.

5、Is your company satisfied with the quality and quantity of visitors to the exhibition? Did you meet some important customers or intended cooperation customers? What are your expectations for next year's exhibition?

This is the first time we have attended this exhibition and it was much better than I expected. It was a small show but there were a lot of visitors and they were all professional visitors. We go to Shanghai every year and it is a very important show for us and it is very well organised. I also met our customers at the show and had a good chat. According to our experience, the high-tech industry in China is relatively stronger in the south and the north is mainly for military customers, but in general the South China, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions are more dynamic. I was very satisfied with our first participation in Beijing and we are planning to attend the show next year.

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