Vision Beijing Exhibitor's Message Series 1

VisionChina 2021 (Beijing) has come to a successful end, with 42 exhibitors and 3,267 visitors over the two days. We were fortunate to interview the exhibitors at the show and listen to their messages to VisionChina!


This year's machine vision exhibition brought new technology and business opportunities. Chao En made breakthroughs in the direction of technology, solutions, system integration and projects, and brought new products. In the future, Chaoen will continue to strengthen the capabilities of the Chaoen China team as the driving force to deepen the Chinese market and provide timely support and services to Chaoen's Chinese industry partners on the front line; we will also continue to work on the research and development of new technologies and products, and continue to bring the latest technologies and products to our Chinese partners with better quality and services.

--Gui Qiang, Vecow, Chao En Co.


Hengtu Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

VisionChina is the feast of China's machine vision industry, as a company in the industry, we highly approve of this exhibition, it not only provides us with a platform to showcase, but also promotes the technical exchange within the industry, and to a certain extent, promotes the development of the industry, and brings us some opportunities and intentional cooperation customers, it is a very professional and high standard exhibition. We hope that next year, with the global epidemic improving and the economy improving, there will be more opportunities for global cooperation and exchange, and more new technologies and innovative products to bring us more surprises and challenges, and we hope that VisionChina will be better and better!

--Kuang Zhenyu, Hengtu Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Product Manager


Shenzhen NORCO Intelligent Technology CO., LTD.

We are very pleased to be able to participate in VisionChina 2021 (Beijing), and the conference feels very relevant to our company's exhibiting needs. The conference has a forum area and a display area, the quality of the forum is very high, attracting a large number of professional visitors to the exhibition, and these visitors are basically users related to the machine vision industry. We had a lot of customers at the booth and we were able to demonstrate our products and introduce some demos to them. We will attend the Beijing conference next year, and hope that the show will be better and better.

--Xiang Rentao, Shenzhen NORCO Intelligent Technology CO., LTD.  Department Manager, Marketing Department


Guangzhou Hongke Electronic Technology Co.

VisionChina (Beijing) was very crowded this year, with a constant flow of visitors and a very professional audience. We have attended both the Shanghai and Shenzhen shows, and the overall feeling is that VisionChina is the most professional show in our machine vision field, and as far as I know the scale of the show is also ranked first. All aspects of the exhibition are well done, we do machine vision of this circle will compete to exhibit, it is worth mentioning that the organisers for exhibitors in all aspects are very well thought out, including communication with the various exhibitors, have left a deep impression on me. We met a lot of good quality clients during the exhibition, many of whom came directly with their projects for enquiry, all of which we needed to follow up. Thanks to the organisers for providing such a platform, we have already registered for the Shenzhen show and we will attend the Beijing show next year.

--Lin Yanfen, Guangzhou Hongke Electronic Technology Co.

Head of Intelligent Perception Division, Hongke


Beijing Union Electronic Technology Co.

China Machine Vision is a very good platform to promote our products in China and even in the world. I had a very good impression of the event, not only did it promote our company and products, but also gave us a better understanding of the whole industry, we also met some customers during the show and reached cooperation intentions, which was very meaningful overall. We will continue to participate next year and hope that next year's exhibition will be held on a Friday and a Saturday, so that some visitors can come and have a look during their break.

--Shi Yingjie, Engineer, Hebei United Electronic Technology Co.


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