Beijing Machine Vision Assist The Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation and Development Conference and VisionChina(Beijing)2019 Opens Today

Today, VisionChina(Beijing)2019 is held in Beijing International Convention Center. Exhibitors and visitors from all over the country gather together to share the audio-visual feast of machine vision.

With the rapid rise and development of image processing, optical imaging, sensors, processors and other technologies, the application of machine vision in people's production and life is more and more extensive, from industrial production to finance, security and transportation, it is promoting the rapid transformation of many industries including manufacturing. With the continuous deepening of the concept of "Made in China 2025", the proposal of Industry 5.0, and the continuous breakthrough of research and development technology, machine vision in China is no longer a single application product, and gradually extends to multiple fields, multiple industries and multiple levels. In response to the demand of the whole industry, VisionChina came into being. In one year, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen cooperated with each other, aiming to build a direct business exchange platform integrating innovative machine vision products and one-stop solution suppliers.

2019, Vision China Beijing

The VisionChina Beijing Machine Vision Assisted Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Conference jointly created by the Machine Vision Industry Alliance and Munich Exhibition has been attracting much attention. The conference kicked off on August 21 at the Beijing International Convention Center. The three-day conference will be keep in the resource optimization on the basis of the past, in the form of 1 main BBS BBS + 4 points, 3 d vision for artificial intelligence, deep learning, five topics, visual inspection, wisdom logistics project report, more than 40 field depth resolution machine vision industry development present situation and trend of cutting edge, To provide Chinese solutions for the development of machine vision industry in the world.

Pan Jin, chairman of the Machine Vision Industry Alliance, said: "With the continuous deepening of the concept of Industry 4.0, Made in China 2025 and the continuous breakthrough in research and development technology, China's machine vision is no longer a single application product, but gradually extends to multiple fields, multiple industries and multiple levels."

Mr. Pan Jin, chairman of the Machine Vision Industry Alliance, spoke at the conference

Ms Yu Xiaojuan, Secretary General of the Machine Vision Industry Alliance, made a speech at the conference

40+ industry celebrities dialogue machine vision, in-depth analysis of the industry development direction

"With the explosion of artificial intelligence, machine vision, as one of the representative technologies, is expected to enter a new stage of development and accelerate the expansion of the market size. From the perspective of industry application, the electronics manufacturing industry is still the main factor driving demand. But from the perspective of future development, the level of automation in food, packaging machinery, logistics and other industries will be further improved, and the demand for machine vision products is very worth looking forward to. We hope that this conference can promote cross-boundary communication and cooperation between different industries, promote the development of the manufacturing industry, and open new doors of science and technology ". Mr. Lu Wangbin, Chief Operating Officer of Messe Munich (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Luwangbin, Messe Munich (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the conference

The conference invites Pan Jin, chairman of Machine Vision Industry Alliance, and Ms. Li Xiaojia, deputy secretary general of China Robot Industry Alliance, to share the industry development trend and pursue the development trend of machine vision in China. Meanwhile, Mr. Shi Yi, an expert from Huawei, and Professor Han Jiuqiang from Xi 'an Jiaotong University led us to appreciate the future era of "5G" in advance. In addition, more than 40 speakers from many well-known enterprises, such as Lingyun, Haikang, Tianzun, Liangfengtai, Basler, Seensee, LMI, Yingdimande, and Eyeengine, will share with the audience and interpret the future development direction of the industry and the infinite possibilities that machine vision has or will bring to our daily life.


Mr. Pan Jin: China Machine Vision Industry Development Report


Ms. Li Xiaojia: China Robot Industry Analysis Report


Prof. Jiuqiang Han: Artificial Intelligence and Industry 5.0 Research


Mr. Shi Yi, Huawei Expert: Application exploration of 5G technology in machine vision industry

Vision Plus X -- A leading brand in the industry with cutting-edge products

With the continuous upgrading of domestic industrial transformation, the integration and application of various high-tech science and technology will certainly be the next development tuyere. Therefore, VisionChina - Beijing Machine Vision Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Conference put forward the concept of Vision Plus X for the first time, focusing on the application of machine Vision industry in intelligent manufacturing and intelligent living after the integration of many high-tech technologies.

The conference gathered the quality products of Lingyun, Haikang, Basler, Aoheng, Tuyang, Zoho Aviation, Lucid Vision, AVT, Seymour, Shengxiang and other well-known enterprises, covering ten categories of cameras, industrial lenses, image processing systems, machine Vision integration, accessories and auxiliary products. It not only provides rich procurement channels for domestic and foreign end users, but also shows the application examples of machine vision in many fields such as industrial detection, medical aided diagnosis, real-time monitoring, image recognition and analysis, intelligent driving and so on. Let the audience learn the knowledge of the industry and at the same time understand the solutions of cutting-edge products.




AR intelligent technology experience lets you have enough "eye addiction"

Mr. Wu Lun, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Liangfengtai Information Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a wonderful speech with the theme of "Integrating Process and Empowering People: AR and Intelligent Manufacturing". At the same time, Liang Typhoon showed the "AR telecommunication and collaboration system based on 5G network", which won the top 30 in the "Bloom Cup" 5G Application Competition, in the demonstration area of the conference site. Many industry insiders on the scene have personally experienced how to use AR technology for object recognition and new telecommunications and collaboration. And said that this is the collection of cutting-edge technology theory classroom, supporting products on-site experience of the dual knowledge reserve.



Live AR area highlights

One-on-one precision business matching communication zero distance

This conference for the first time introduced the forum related product scene demonstration area, so that the audience can be immersive, all-round and multi-dimensional experience from the machine vision industry's latest information and innovative products. According to the pre-registration survey before the exhibition, part of the audience with purchase needs chose the enterprises they care about and made an appointment to meet on site. The organizer will use big data analysis to match professional visitors and enterprises to organize one-to-one business matchmaking exchanges.



Beijing station

Beijing Machine Vision Assist Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation and Development Conference

"Market Trends, Technological Innovation, Academic Exchange"

Beijing International Convention Center • August 21-23, 2019.19


Shenzhen station

China (shenzhen) machine vision exhibition

And machine vision technology and industrial application seminar

"Technology Demonstration, Market Exchange, Industry Application"

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center •2019.10.10-12



China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition

And machine vision technology and industrial application seminar

"Innovation release, international communication, brand promotion"

Shanghai New International Expo Center •2020.3.18-20

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