Vision dialogue executives | Yu Chen rui automation, deputy general manager of three: bullish on the future in the digital car, smart wear, the application of smart home

The "Vision Dialogue Executive" launched by China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition 2021, today's push invites a senior executive who has a number of invention patents in the field of machine Vision. Who is he?

Trunk trunk trunk! Dongguan Sanrui Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager, Mr. Yu Chenqi, in love enterprise check can be seen on Mr. Yu Chenqi has a number of machine vision field invention patents, engaged in the industry for many years.

Let me first introduce Sanrui Automation, founded in March 2010, is committed to becoming one of the leaders in machine vision detection and machine vision positioning. After more than 10 years of development, the company now has 23 national patents (including 9 invention patents, 14 utility model patents), 5 high-tech products, 3 software Copyrights, 3 trademark registration. The company's products are widely used in 3C electronics, connectors, mobile phones, lithium, FFC, FPC, hardware and other industries, for a variety of industrial applications including visual detection, visual identification, visual positioning and a full set of machine vision solutions. And with Foxconn, Vivo, Lixun, Changying and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad to carry out long-term cooperation.

Yu Chenqi, Deputy General Manager, Dongguan Sanrui Automation Technology Co., Ltd
Photo credit: Sanrui Automation

The following is the interview with the general content of the dialogue

Q: Under the background of Made in China 2025, equipment manufacturing is the core and pillar of the manufacturing industry. What is your company's development plan and strategy in 2021? How to better apply the company's products to the equipment manufacturing industry?

Three rui science and technology the third answer: in 2021, is the start of the implementation of the "five year plan", we will continue to deep tillage machine vision industry, continuously upgrade the independent research and development of visual controller and sivs visual detection, location, identification software, broadening the independent research and development of 3 d measuring instrument, and the quality of the 3 d detection equipment and application, for China's manufacturing industry to provide more quality products and services.

Q: In the next two to three years, which end product areas do you think will see growth or new market demand for machine vision applications in China and globally? How will your company deal with it?

A: In the next two to three years, digital cars, smart wearables, smart home, TWS headsets and other areas of machine vision applications will see growth. We have arranged the research and development of new applications in these areas, and strive to offer competitive solutions and products one step ahead.

Q: With the current innovative technologies, such as edge computing, artificial intelligence, deep learning, embedded vision, 5G+, etc., which innovative technologies will your company focus on integrating in the future?

A: Sanrui has integrated the deep learning algorithm into the self-developed machine Vision software SIV(Sunrise Intelligent Vision), specifically for the identification of weak defect features in complex backgrounds. This product will become a Sanrui company appearance defect detection of a sharp tool. In the future, 5G+ technology will be integrated and the characteristics of high-speed, low delay and high bandwidth of 5G+ technology will be utilized to make the operation of machine vision equipment more stable, and the maintenance more convenient, faster and more secure.

Q: what latest technologies and products will sanrui technology bring to the China (Shanghai) machine vision exhibition from March 17 to 19? Please introduce the highlights of the main product.

A: We will bring our self-developed WK "Wukong" series of visual controllers to the exhibition. The product integrates the application elements of automatic system such as image acquisition and processing, light source drive and control (up to 8 light sources), I/O terminals, a variety of communication interfaces, and a vision controller can be used as the core to form a complete vision system.

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