VisionChina (Shanghai) will be held in March next year to explore the opportunities of "machine vision + industrial manufacturing technology change"!

The domestic industrial machine vision exhibition "VisionChina (Shanghai)2022 Exhibition" will be held on March 23-25 next year as scheduled!

The future of Chinese manufacturing is intelligent manufacturing

Under the background of national vigorously promoting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, it can be predicted that the era of intelligent manufacturing is coming, and the enterprises related to high-end manufacturing industry are valued. The development of intelligent manufacturing is an important development step for China to move from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, and it is also one of the keys to achieve the double carbon goal. At present, intelligent equipment manufacturing has ushered in a new stage of transformation and upgrading development of the manufacturing industry.


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A new era and a new track have been opened. VisionChina China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Show will bring a large and diversified amount of innovative solutions to help different enterprises explore machine vision technology innovation and industrial intelligence supply chain.

VisionChina (Shanghai) 2022 is a mainstream platform for machine vision to help manufacturing transformation and upgrading, with the theme of "innovation release, international exchange, brand promotion", to promote machine vision to stimulate the application of key technology innovation The theme of VisionChina 2022 is "Innovation Launch, International Exchange and Brand Promotion". It promotes companies to explore the infinite innovation possibilities of intelligent manufacturing through machine vision technology.

VisionChina will open W5 and OV Central Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center and join hands with 270 machine vision brands, end-use enterprises and quality exhibitors from all over the country to meet the new challenges and opportunities of the smart manufacturing industry with cutting-edge innovative high-tech technologies, connecting the main application fields of electronics, semiconductors and lasers. As of today, 98% of the booths have been sold out.

VisionChina (Shanghai) covers the full range of machine vision products, and 2022 will grandly showcase companies in intelligent vision equipment, such as 3M, Huichuan, Bozhong, Hanzhen, etc. Machine vision core components exhibitors Daheng Image, Basler, Haikang Robotics, Allied Vision, Huarui Technology, Teledata, Vieworks, Baumer Baumer, etc. will bring the latest cutting-edge product technology and solutions as always. Machine vision system integrators such as Lingyun Light, Oppt OPT, Keyence, Mekamand, LMI Technologies, Cognex, isra vision, Solomon and others will also refresh the public's perception of innovative vision once again.


In addition there will be VDMA, AHK will lead the German and international pavilion exhibitors, through this professional platform, exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors through on-site communication, ideas collide with sparks of wisdom and inspiration, more innovative applications will also sprout, breeding and even born in this.


OV Central Pavilion meets new opportunities at the same time


 OV Central Pavilion layout 

Experience the development of intelligent manufacturing technology in the exhibition Intelligent Vision Display Area

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the General Administration of Market Regulation jointly issued the "Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Action Implementation Plan", proposing that by 2025, a number of smart manufacturing demonstration factories with high technical level and significant demonstration role will be built, and a number of excellent scenes of smart manufacturing with high technical level and promotion and application value will be condensed and summarized. Boosted by the wave of digital technology, more and more Chinese manufacturing enterprises have an urgent need for digital transformation. The rapid iteration of 5G, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry deep integration, activating the new dynamic energy of China's digital "smart" manufacturing, and machine vision is exactly the booster of this new dynamic energy.

The organizing committee will set up an "Intelligent Vision Display Area" in the OV Central Hall, and invite domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises such as Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology Co., Ltd., LUSTER LightTech Co., LTD., China Daheng Group, Inc. Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch, Basler, OPT and other intelligent manufacturing equipment and parts providers to be present. Let the audience and the buyer group come to the site in person to understand and experience the innovative and innovative technology products and solutions.


Touching inspiration in the exhibition Machine vision innovative products display area

As one of the resident features of the show every year, the "Machine Vision Innovation Zone" will present the outstanding finalists of the "Machine Vision Innovation Award" in the OV Central Hall. The award-winning products will be designed to inspire the audience. The award was created by the Machine Vision Industry Union (CMVU) and is based on the professionalism, originality and innovation of the products in six categories: light source, lens, camera, intelligent processing, vision inspection equipment, vision software and other accessories. "Gold Award" product winners.

Feel the industry, technology development direction in the hearing machine vision technology and industrial applications seminar

In recent years, the country strongly advocates the development of manufacturing transformation, among which the most discussed is the construction of "smart factory". In the vision, the whole process from raw materials to finished products, such as processing, transportation, testing and other aspects, can be handed over to industrial robots, thus reducing production costs and improving production efficiency. Because of the high degree of automation and intelligence, the whole factory can be carried out with the lights off, so it is also imaginatively called a "black light factory". At present, several large black light factories have been built in China, such as Geely super intelligent black light factory mainly through unmanned, automated stamping, welding, painting and final assembly. The realization of the smart factory needs technology to be supported by AI + 3D vision to guide the hardcore technology in order to empower the change of industrial manufacturing technology.

In line with this trend, the organizer will hold a machine vision technology and industrial application seminar with the theme of "innovation release, international exchange and brand promotion" in the OV Central Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center at the same time. The organizer will invite industry enterprises and experts to give speeches for the audience and share their application practices in these areas to accelerate the pace of industrial and manufacturing transformation.


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