Next Exhibition in November| VisionChina Shenzhen Will Bring New Opportunities for the Industry based on Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area


Next Exhibition in November| VisionChina Shenzhen Will Bring New Opportunities for the Industry based on Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area



VisionChina Shanghai and Machine Vision Exhibition and Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference was ended with success on July 5. The success of the exhibition played a crucial role in restoring confidence for the industry. Endless visitors and attendees reflected the urgent desire of machine vision industry to find and embrace new business opportunities and innovate technologies. In the second half of this year, VisionChina Shenzhen will exhibit in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Bao’an New Center) in orderto enable machine vision industry to explore bigger and more business opportunities in the context of China’s new economic development, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing automation and deepen the integration of informatization and industrialization.

With a strong focus on “Technology Display, Market Communication, and Industry Application”, the exhibition will gather a number of machine vision manufacturers and exhibit such products as core components, accessories and system of machine vision, including smart camera, board card, software package, accessories, industrial lens, lights, image processing system, machine vision integration, etc. so as to exhibit the application of machine vision in smart industry, smart life, etc.


Booth Layout of VisionChina Shenzhen

Bring New Opportunities for the Industry on the Basis of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay


Shenzhen is located in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay. According to the statistical data from CVINFO in December 2019,the Bay which accounts for 0.6% of China’s total area created 13% of the whole country’s GDP. From 2017 to the first half of 2019, the Bay had been active in the AI investment with a total investment scale of RMB 34.4 billion.Thanks to its great promotion and policy support of AI and manufacturing industry transformation in recent years, the Bay has attracted an increasing number of high-tech enterprises, forming an industry cluster of AI and intelligent manufacturing initiatively. As an important part of AI, machine vision will also welcome its new development under the powerful innovation. With a strong focus on the Bay, the exhibition was aimed to bring huge opportunities for economic development for the industry by building a high quality business and trade platform.

Then the professionals, end buyers and investors in machine vision industry from China and even the whole Asia Pacific region will gather in the exhibition to exchange on industry cooperation and development and eliminate the barriers of information exchange. Enterprises in the exhibition can also seek more cooperation and business opportunities by exhibiting their technology and product highlights.

Grasp the Opportunity of “New Infrastructure Construction”

5G and AI Boost the New Development of Machine Vision

With the promotion of the new infrastructure projects such as 5G technology popularity, AI and industrial internet, both machine vision industry and enterprises will welcome a better development and exhibition platform. Data transmission, treatment and analysis and external communication are the very indispensable technologies of machine vision. The development of 5G and AI will certainly increase the compatibility and intelligent level of machine vision. At the same time, machine vision also plays a crucial role in intelligent industrial network. Therefore the breakthrough and innovation of vision technology will also boost the development of related application area. By keeping the pace with times closely, VisionChina Shenzhen focused on displaying the innovative products and solutions to the integration of technologies such as“5G+”,AI and machine vision.

Vision PlusX

Build an Integrated Platform in Machine Vision Application Field

With the unceasing development of China’s machine vision market and technology in recent years, both the demands and sales of machine vision products have been on the rise. Moreover, with the integration of 5G technology and AI, the industry intelligence and production efficiency will be enhanced greatly. VisionChina Shenzhen, in partnership with Electronica South China, Productronica South China and South China Advanced Laser Technology and Application Exhibition held at the same time, introduced the concept of Vision Plus X, displayed the innovative application and customized solution of machine vision along with the popularity of AI, “5G+” and “+AI” by integrating such fields as laser, electronics and smart manufacturing, and built a professional trade exchange platform integrated with electronics, smart manufacturing, automation and robot, laser beam machining and other machine vision terminal markets.

Technology Forums Held at the Same Time

A technology application forum on the application of AI+machine vision technology in electronics industry will be held as well during the exhibition to provide new ideas for the industry to solve problems and challenges after the epidemic and stand firmly in the South China market. The forum will be aimed to discuss many hot topics such as machine vision and industrial AI technology, vision inspection, 3D vision and precision imaging, etc. in depth.

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