VisionChina Shenzhen and Machine Vision Exhibition and Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference will be Kicked off in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on October 10


VisionChina Shenzhen and Machine Vision Exhibition and Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference will be Kicked off in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on October 10

Along with the prevalence of Industry 4.0, the 5G technology, which is featured by large broadband and low latency, has played a role in accelerating intelligent manufacturing. As the key technology of “observing” the whole world with machine, 5G+AI+ machine vision technology will enhance industrial productivity greatly. Moreover, with the use of robot technology, quality detection of products will be improved a lot and controlled remotely so as to finally lower enterprises’ costs and avoid the damage of severe or dangerous environment on people.

Create the Industry Wine Vane by Gathering All Premium Brands

VisionChina Shenzhen and Machine Vision Exhibition and Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference co-sponsored by China Machine Vision Industry Union (CMVU) and MesseMuenchen (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “VisionChina (Shenzhen) 2019”) will be kicked off in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on October 10-12, 2019. VisionChina (Shenzhen) 2019 will gather over 100 exhibition enterprises and machine vision brands, such as the domestic and foreign famous ones including Hikvision, LAONPEOPLE, LUSTER, Zino, OZRAY, Allied Vision, CanRill, Heqian, FLIR, CCS, LMI, Vieworks, VST, Bozhon, ZHHX-VISTEK, Rsee andSunray so as to create a trade and commercial exchange through platform integrated with innovative machine vision products such as light source, lens, industrial camera, intelligent camera and image processing software and one-stop solution supplier.

Technology Display, Application Focus and In-depth Market Exploration

A great many of enterprises that will participate in the exhibition will bring their latest products and technologies to VisionChina Shenzhen so as to explore the southern China market in depth. The 2019 exhibition is expected to attract over 25,000 enterprises from such industries as communication system, auto, EMS, lighting, consumer electronics, industrial electronics, computer and peripheral products, semiconductor, system integrator as well as more downstream application enterprises. A machine vision detection plan exhibition zone would also be designed at the same time to display the detection plans in such application fields as electronics, automation, robot, etc. in a very special way, providing customized non-standard solution for professional audiences and enterprises.

Vision Plus X Boosts the Upgrading of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry
首次与LEAP Expo同台亮相(成员展:慕尼黑华南电子生产设备展,自动化及机器人、电子智能制造展,以及华南激光展),融合 Vision +激光焊接、Vision+电子/半导体、Vision+智能制造等机器视觉应用领域,全方位呈现自动化及机器人、点胶注胶设备及材料、先进激光及加工应用技术、机器视觉与应用六大模块及智慧工厂特色环节,为用户打造智能制造生产线一站式采购平台。

Appearing together with LEAP Expo for the first time (member exhibition: Productronica South China, Automation & EMA Shenzhen and Laser South China), it has integrated the machine vision application fields such as Vision + laser welding, Vision+ electronics/semiconductor, Vision + intelligent manufacturing, etc. so as to display the six modules of automation and robot, dispensing and injection device and materials, advanced laser and processing application technology, machine vision and application and the characteristic link of smart plant to create one-stop purchasing platform of intelligent manufacturing production line for users.

Vision + Laser Processing

With the development of laser industry towards intelligence direction, laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, laser fine processing and many other processing techniques are integrated with machine vision so as to realize precise positioning and lower error by analyzing the position, size, shape and nature of the processed objects.

LingCloud: Special Vision System for Laser Processing

1. High-precision non-contact positioning and guiding generate no deformation and entails no clamp; they could also enhance cutting precision and automation level;
2. High-precision edge position; positioning precision can be set based as required;
3. Intelligent outline extraction and flexible (woven label, etc.) and self-adaptive outline cutting;
4. High precision cutting of target with large breadth.

Vision + Electronics

Machine vision has penetrated in every link of electronic industry so as to guide robot for installation and fixing of electronic parts, SMT surface mounting, detection of AOI circuit board, size, precision, appearance, etc. Electronic industry is the very industry where machine vision is most widely applied.

CCS: Polaroid Fault Detection of Mobile Phone LCD Module

Some faults on mobile phone Polaroid which is black color, flexible and smooth, are slightly uneven, and clear image can be hardly obtained through traditional method. CCS’s exclusive planar light source light is designed for detecting such kinds of faults. Satisfactory image can be obtained finally by removing such faults as dirt, damage, bubble, pit, wave, etc.

Vision + Intelligent Manufacturing

Besides laser processing and electronic industry, machine vision has boasted a broad application space in such fields as packaging, logistics, traffic, auto manufacturing, aerospace, etc., making it a critical means to boost the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, integrate industrial automation and informatization and accelerate the intelligent development of modern manufacturing industry.

Hikvision Robot: Intelligent Warehousing Solution

The intelligent warehousing robot system is developed independently against such difficulties as high costs, low management efficiency and high order error rate of traditional warehousing so as to provide highly efficient intelligent warehousing solution.

The plan involves three core modules such as Hikvision intelligent mobile robot, robot scheduling control system (RCS) and intelligent warehousing management system (iWMS). By following the core idea of “conveying goods to people”, workers can finish different warehousing demands such as purchasing warehousing, production warehousing, production material acquisition, ex-warehousing of finished products, etc. by necessary operations at the workbench operation terminal, enhancing the warehousing efficiency and management level of such industries as e-commerce sorting center, 3C manufacturing industry, traditional manufacturing industry, medical treatment, food and auto manufacturing. It supports the business functions such as coldness and heat analysis, shelf position adjustment and intelligent inventory, etc. of warehousing management and visualized management can be made for operation terminal interface.

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Themed Forum
VisionChina Shenzhen and Machine Vision Exhibition and Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference
Theme: Machine vision technology boosts the transformation of automated equipment and application case

About Vision China

VisionChina refers to a brand exhibition + conference for machine vision industry duly established by China Machine Vision Industry Union (CMVU) in partnership with Messe Muenchen (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. themed by “Innovation, Market and Application”, the exhibition links Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen per year and offers the latest technologies, products and solutions for professional audiences in the whole China and even the Asian market. It is also making efforts to boost the development of China’s machine vision industry.

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