Haikang robot products how to achieve 3C, electronic semiconductors, food and drug production intelligence?

During the China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision Exhibition and the workshop of Machine Vision Technology and industrial application (VisionChina Shenzhen) , Mr. Zhang Zhenhua, director of Haikang robot HIKROBOT machine vision product, was invited to give us an interview on the spot, talk about the products and solutions presented by Haikang robot, the layout of Haikang robot in 5G and AI technology, and the solutions to help the traditional manufacturing industry to transform to intelligence.

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Guest: Zhang Zhenhua

director of machine vision products | Hangzhou Haikang Robot Technology Co. , Ltd.


Q 1: What products and technologies will the Haikang robot bring to the audience this year? What are the highlights of the presentation?

Mr. Zhang: at VisionChina, the Haikang robot is on display as a standard product, a smart product, and an ID product on three main lines. Standard products are mainly high-resolution, high-speed cameras, the new launch of a full range of high-cost and high-performance lenses, as well as new 3D products. At the level of intelligent products, we have upgraded the performance of the intelligent camera products embedded with the AI processing chip, and also made the layout of the intelligent camera models. The show also featured a full range of ID products. The overall introduction of these products, but also included from the PC base architecture, to the program of intelligent processing.

VisionChina (Shenzhen)2020 Haikang robot part of the exhibition map



Q2ai and 5G technologies bring more to machine vision. What technologies or products might your company incorporate this year? What are the advantages?


Mr. Zhang Zhenhua: First of all, in terms of AI technology, Leizhou has invested in this area for many years, and the Haikang robot is also derived from the original intelligent analysis team. We started about 2015 in AI technology in the industrial exploration and landing, in which to do a lot of software products, including AI applications, algorithmic platform software. At the same time, the Ai Algorithm is hardware, embedded into smart cameras, smart code reading and so on. Speaking of 5G, there have been many times this year when Heicom and the leading 5G company have collaborated on 5G applications. For example, we have used 5G modules with cameras for large data acquisition and transmission, ahas also done a lot of 5G technology on the ground. At present, the integration of 5G technology and products is still an early stage. In the future, after 5G technology expands the transmission bandwidth and achieves stable transmission with low delay, the original collection and processing mode may evolve into cloud or cluster. For the relevant upstream enterprises of large-scale intelligent manufacturing enterprises, there may be changes in business models, technological pathways, and product forms. In the future we will also be around this change to expand the technology and layout products. When it comes to the advantages of Hai Kang robots in AI or 5G technology, I think they have accumulated rich and valuable experience mainly through years of continuous resource investment, technological exploration and innovation, and solid application promotion. At the same time as a visual start-up enterprise, in the hardware can be the algorithm and hardware for deep integration, deep-tillage applications, to ensure that our entire AI strategy to the ground. As for 5G, we will actively embrace new technologies and continue to explore and apply them with our partners.

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Q 3 due to the special background, the manufacturing industry is in urgent need of upgrading and transformation. which industry has seen more growth in demand for machine vision products? Please describe your solution for transforming the traditional manufacturing industry.

Mr. Zhang Zhenhua: On the whole, it is true that this year has been affected by some epidemics, but under the current situation, manufacturing enterprises still need to reduce the gathering of personnel, and invest more resources in production automation to improve efficiency; Other industries, such as new energy, have seen a surge in demand, driven by policy. 3C, the overall focus on smart hardware products, such as smartphones, smart wear, has clearly driven the industry, and this year we have also seen the market grow and bring some new opportunities. Of course, there are other industries, like food and drug, that require traceability and more sophisticated management, so there's a lot of demand for code reading. Overall, the industrial upgrading trend is to intelligent, automated this direction to the development, there will be a lot of new demand. We design our products around the needs of our users, such as our 150 million ultra high resolution cameras, and cameras like the 65 million Gigabit Ethernet interface, which are designed to detect very subtle flaws and defects in 3C, display screens, to help improve the efficiency and quality of the whole equipment; for example, our series of intelligent products, ID products, can effectively match the food and drug, logistics, PCB and other industries with or without detection, color detection, text and bar code reading, etc. , to help enterprises better process information reading, in order to backtrack late.

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Q 4 what's your general impression of this year's exhibition? Have you met any important clients or potential cooperators?

Mr. Zhang Zhenhua: This is the first time for the exhibition to be held in a new exhibition hall. Compared to the previous exhibition, we feel that the overall scale of the exhibition is larger than before, more people than we expected. Special period, the exhibition is true love level customers, although the epidemic is not yet over, but many visitors still come to visit, and indeed with demand.

Q 5 Will you continue to participate in the 2021? What are your expectations for the exhibition next year?

Mr. Zhang Zhenhua: We will continue to participate in the Shenzhen Exhibition next year. We are very optimistic about the machine vision industry and the market. We also hope to bring good products, new technologies and application cases to customers through some marketing activities, in the wave of intelligent manufacturing upgrades, let the Haikang robot become trustworthy global users of the world-class brand. Hangzhou Haikang Robot Technology Co. , Ltd. is a global provider of mobile robots and machine vision products. The company relies on the research and development team of nearly 1000 experts, layout mobile robot, machine vision and other business areas, through the software and hardware products and platform R & D Innovation, committed to continue to promote intelligence, leading the intelligent manufacturing process. We invite more machine vision brands to join us and showcase your mainstream products and solutions. You will gain and meet more buyers at the 2021!

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