Steady progress, and then promising|VisionChina (Shenzhen) brings new energy to the machine vision market in South China

As a professional machine vision lighthouse exhibition, the annual three-location tour of Machine Vision China (Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen) also injects new vitality into the market in Eastern, Northern and Southern China. VisionChina (Shenzhen) will not only gather outstanding machine vision brands from home and abroad to showcase their products, but also plan professional forums on related topics for the industry. During the same period, the organisers will also introduce more thematic experience zones for visitors to immerse themselves in the innovative applications of machine vision.

Steady progress, and a new record high overall 80,000m2 scale

VisionChina (Shenzhen) will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Centre (Baoan New Hall) from 28-30 October this year, and the response from major companies in the field of machine vision has been enthusiastic. Booth sales have been steadily increasing, with many mainstream companies requesting to expand their booth space and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises registering for the event, eager to debut in the South China market. Currently, 80% of the booth space has been sold out.

VisionChina (Shenzhen) 2021 will exceed 10,000 square metres of exhibition space, with 140 machine vision companies already registered. Together with Munich South China Electronics Fair, Munich South China Electronics Production Equipment Fair, South China Advanced Laser and Processing Application Technology Fair and South China Circuit Board International Trade Sourcing Fair, the total exhibition area is expected to reach 80,000m2 in 2021, with 800 exhibitors.

Industry brands compete to appear in the South China market mainstream enterprise exhibits, a time to see enough

As one of the new product launch platforms for the machine vision industry every year, VisionChina has been chosen by nearly 140 outstanding companies and brands for the China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision Show, thanks to the good reputation it has built up in the industry. The following exhibitors have already registered for the show: Ling Yunlight, Haikang Robotics, Daheng Image, Huarui Technology, Keyence, Allied Vision, Baumer, Basler, SICK, Vieworks, Microvision, Hibiki CBC, Pfeiffer, Tronox, LMI, Eimage Precision, CCS, OPT, CST, CST, CST, CST. CST, Shunshangxin, Lisai, Mallet, CanRui, Vision Clear, Dehong, Phoenix Optical, Inspriaz, MVTec, LAON PEOPLE, Baimai, DongSheng, Aotex and many other new and existing brands will be in the Shenzhen venue to deliver their innovative technologies, products and values to the industry and visitors.

Vision Plus+ cross-interaction between electronics, laser and semiconductor industries to help industry synergy

The application of industrial machine vision in production environments is part of the investment behaviour of enterprises in technological transformation. The more profitable the enterprise, the more motivated it is to explore cutting-edge technologies and use machine vision technology to improve the efficiency of production lines. According to the Machine Vision Industry Union (CMVU) 2020 industry report, machine vision is most widely used in the electrical and electronics sector, while the semiconductor sector, centred on new energy sources, is set to become another breakout point for the machine vision market. Therefore, China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision, together with the Munich South China Electronics Fair, Munich South China Electronics Production Equipment Fair, South China Advanced Laser and Processing Application Technology Fair and South China Circuit Board International Trade Sourcing Fair, the five exhibitions are linked together to increase the layout of the semiconductor and laser industries, giving full play to the advantages of machine vision in detection, identification and positioning, coupled with the support of AI and 5G, for machine vision companies will certainly be able to grasp the opportunities of upstream and downstream interaction in the industry chain.

Concurrent forum to target cutting-edge technologies and applications

Organised by the Machine Vision Industry Alliance, the China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision Symposium will focus on the frontier technology and market application prospects of machine vision under the picture of smart manufacturing, inviting industry experts to make presentations on topics covering 5G, artificial intelligence, edge computing, electronics, semiconductors, medical and other fields, closely following the market demand in South China.

Segmented market, matching precise buyers

China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision Show 2021 will continue to segment the application areas of machine vision and make the show more precise and stronger by segmenting the market and promoting the application industry sectors, with supporting forum activities at the same time, and inviting professional buyers from 3C electronics, semiconductor, electronic equipment production, automotive, laser, machinery, food, logistics, biomedical, medical, new energy and other fields to visit and The event will be held at the same time.


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