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Machine vision technology enables laser processing production efficiency

Machine vision enables real-time observation of the processing object and the use of cameras to obtain image information, which in the field of laser processing can improve processing flexibility and access to high resolution and operational accuracy, resulting in a significant increase in productivity. At the same time, complex processing processes can be realised based on image processing of the processing object, and because machine vision can carry out highly repetitive laser processing, fatigue and errors caused by repeated operations by the processing personnel can be avoided and the personnel requirements can be reduced.

Seizing new opportunities in Industry 4.0

With the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of China's traditional manufacturing industry, high-end, precision, automation and intelligence are the new trends in manufacturing development. Driven by favourable policies, the domestic machine vision industry is developing rapidly and China is becoming one of the most active regions in the world for machine vision development. It is foreseeable that in the period of Industry 4.0, machine vision technology will usher in a golden period of industry development due to its high-end, precision and intelligent features.

Machine vision is commonly known as the "eyes" of the machine, which is the visual organ of the machine to perceive the world and interact with the external world to achieve automation and intelligence, therefore, machine vision is also known as the "core technology of future artificial intelligence". This is why machine vision is also known as the "core technology of future artificial intelligence".

For example, in the field of electronics manufacturing, from small components such as capacitors and connectors, to large mobile phone keyboards, PC motherboards and hard disks, machine vision systems can be found in almost all parts of the electronics manufacturing chain. As a major manufacturing country, China concentrates 70% of the world's 3C products production capacity, 3C electronics industry is one of the most important pillar industries, no doubt become the key market for machine vision application projects.

The development of machine vision in the laser industry

Machine vision field introduced into the laser processing industry, with industrial cameras instead of the human eye to detect the processed object, resolution, frame speed can be selected according to the processing needs, improve the defects of manual vision; use of machine vision technology can also be accurate positioning of the processed parts, not only to save the cost of expensive and heavy fixtures, improve processing accuracy to ensure quality, but also to carry out continuous and accurate operation to speed up the work efficiency. The current applications of machine vision technology in the laser processing field can be divided into the following main categories.

·Machine vision for laser semiconductor wafer cutting

Laser fine processing machines, such as UV laser semiconductor wafer cutting machines, use automatic image recognition and positioning functions to pinpoint the position of the workpiece being processed. The relative position of the required machining point on the workpiece can also be determined automatically from the image, allowing higher resolution and positioning accuracy compared to human vision. This makes it possible to further improve the machining accuracy of the machine in addition to the mechanical positioning.

*Photo credit: Haelo, Station Cool

·Machine vision for laser flexible material cutting

It is characterised by the use of machine vision image recognition and positioning technology, which can automatically track and compensate for the tensile deformation of flexible materials throughout the process, accurately capture the edges of the object to be cut in real time, and transfer the image edge information to the control system of the laser cutting machine as required, to achieve automatic edge finding and precise cutting of the target.

·Machine vision for laser marking

Laser marking equipment with machine vision functions can automatically align and adjust the position and angle of the marked image by analysing and identifying the position and angle of the object being marked. Machine vision-guided positioning can significantly improve production efficiency and ensure consistent product quality for marking jobs with fragile materials, small target sizes, high positioning accuracy requirements and continuous high volume marking. At the same time, when placing the marking sample, no special mechanical positioning device is required, even if there is a certain offset in the placement has no effect, after automatic image calibration, it can also be hit on the original prepared marking position, improving the marking quality, yield and work efficiency, making marking more convenient and accurate.

·Machine vision for laser punching

In addition to automatic positioning and tracking of the workpiece and automatic punching, laser punching equipment using machine vision can also detect various shapes of holes (e.g. semi-circular holes, crosses, square holes, etc.) and process and detect them at the same time, which can improve production efficiency.

*Photo source: Station Cool Helo

·Machine vision helps laser tyre in-line marking

Laser in-line marking of tyres is achieved using machine vision and image processing technology. The system is mainly composed of laser, scanner, table, optical lens, CCD sensor, image acquisition card and image processing software, etc. Using machine vision and image processing technology, the control system can automatically discern the marking position on the assembly line, adjust the beam deflection and automatically adjust the focus for marking according to the image information processed by the computer, and accurately capture the inside edge information of the tyre in real time. The tyre code is read and the target is marked.

·Machine vision for laser micromachining

Laser micromachining includes fine machining methods such as scribing and resist adjustment, which are subject to large errors of judgement by the human eye. Machine vision can clearly locate the processing area and guide the laser to work in a way that minimises and eliminates errors. The introduction of machine vision technology in the laser processing industry has effectively improved the accuracy, intelligence and automation performance of laser processing equipment to meet the quality requirements of modern industrial high-volume and mass production.

*Photo credit: Zhanku Hailuo

Machine vision feast of brands gathered

From 28-30 October, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Centre (Baoan New Hall) - Hall 9 will bring a machine vision technology + practice show to the industry. This year's VisionChina (Shenzhen) 2021 will be held in the same period and in the same hall as the South China Advanced Laser and Processing Application Technology Exhibition. The exhibition will link up with machine vision brands and providers of main and auxiliary parts, laser and system accessories and automation manufacturers to create a cross-border exchange circle and provide optimised technical solutions for downstream equipment integrators and application customers.

South China Advanced Laser and Processing Application Technology Exhibition, with advanced light source, compact laser, processing services, intelligent manufacturing as the entry point, previous participating exhibitors include: Huagong Laser, Da Clan Laser, Tong Fast Group TRUMF, COHERENT, TED Laser TETE, RICO Fiber Laser, JPT, Wuhan Huari Precision Laser, Rhyton Laser, etc.

VisionChina (Shenzhen) The number of exhibitors at this year's exhibition broke through to 160, with Ling Yunlight, Haikang Robotics, Daheng Image, Huarui Technology, Keyence, Meikamand, Allied Vision, Baumer, Basler, SICK, Vieworks, CBC, Hua Han Weiye, FaiVision, Lemmai LMI, RuiSee, etc. LMI, RuiShi, Eimage, CCS, OPT, CST, MVTec, LAON PEOPLE, BaiMai, Aotex, RUBEN Technology, DongZheng Optical and HaoLan Optoelectronics will be exhibited in Hall 9.

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