Exhibitor Interviews | Daheng Imaging explores the future with you at VisionChina (Shenzhen) and helps smart manufacturing

In the digital and intelligent factory of the future, machine vision technology will take on a more important role. As one of the annual platforms for new product launches in the machine vision industry, VisionChina is a networking event for companies to set technology trends and explore industry trends. At VisionChina 2021, which will be held from Nov. 23rd to 25th, Daheng Imaging, a nationally renowned machine vision product supplier, will present many forward-looking machine vision technologies and application solutions as usual.

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Technology Improvement Comprehensive Display

Listening to customers' demands and independent research and development are the source of Daheng Image's continuous innovative solutions and the strength that drives Daheng Image to always stand at the forefront of the industry technology. Daheng Image will bring a number of innovative products and technologies to VisionChina 2021 (Booth No. 9F21). Mr. Li Xu, general manager of Shenzhen office of Daheng Image, said in an interview before the exhibition: "This machine vision exhibition is the largest exhibition of Daheng Image in South China this year, and this exhibition will bring the high dynamic range industrial cameras and shift cameras developed and produced by our company. In addition, the intelligent camera, multi-station vision processing system and deep learning system brought to you before will also meet you with a new look this year!"

Daheng Imaging High Dynamic Range Industrial Camera

Daheng Imaging Shift Axis Camera

Fearless challenge Continuous innovation

3D machine vision is the future path of robot vision development. Only by relying on 3D data can numerous applications in robotics and automated assembly production be successfully realized. The current development of machine vision in China has reached a very high degree of refinement, and the traditional vision solutions cannot completely solve the problems of customer sites. Mr. Li said: "Daheng Imaging has been focusing on the development of 3D industry since the beginning of its establishment, and it is the company that puts forward robotic+3D vision earlier in China. Daheng Imaging 3D vision solution adopts high precision industrial camera and lens and other components and with advanced algorithm, so as to achieve accurate classification, identification, palletizing and other aspects that robots need to face. In addition to the standard procedures that robots have to face, Daheng Imaging's 3D vision solutions can also be developed with customized data through third-party platforms, with targeted 2D and 3D vision and deep learning function modules, so that the complex 3D system is better extended and more stable, thus constantly accepting more challenging work.

Mr. Li Xu, General Manager of Daheng Imaging Shenzhen Office

Comply with the market and help to improve

Daheng Imaging deeply understands the needs of the industry in the field of machine vision, leads the progress of the industry with innovative solutions, and provides strong support for customers to create faster production efficiency and higher productivity. In the field of intelligent manufacturing, Daheng Image combines the artificial machine vision system with the digital solution of intelligent factory to play its greater role. According to Mr. Li, "Daheng Imaging can customize and develop the most suitable vision solutions according to the different needs of customers' sites, thus reducing costs and improving efficiency. In addition, the intelligent camera with both camera and processing software is also favored by the intelligent factory. In the more severe environment such as restricted working distance, the advantages of the intelligent camera are gradually highlighted, and after 30 years of technical accumulation, Daheng Image is relatively mature in the development of machine vision components and vision software. Therefore, since the introduction of intelligent cameras independently developed and produced with machine vision software, they have saved a lot of labor cost for domestic intelligent factories, and together with the continuously precipitated technical strength, they have escorted the intelligent production of customers.

Digital change, upgrade acceleration

Beyond the challenges, there are more opportunities. The new crown epidemic has brought profound impact to the global economy, all industries are facing huge challenges, and the domestic and international industrial landscape is undergoing profound changes. Facing the current market changes, Mr. Li said, "The epidemic has undoubtedly made the Chinese manufacturing industry reflect deeply, and how to cope with the crisis has become a mandatory course for all enterprises. The stagnation of personnel has led to lower productivity of enterprises, but at the same time, it has also pointed out a new direction for the machine vision industry, and intelligent vision systems have come into being. Enterprises are no longer only concerned about the immediate interests, but will focus on the long-term vision, focusing on the optimization and upgrading of the entire production line, vision link as the production line "eyes" must provide a strong guarantee for industrial upgrading. With the continuous integration of manufacturing industry with information industry, vision industry and other industries, China's manufacturing industry will gradually realize the transformation and upgrading, and we hope that together with China's manufacturing industry, we will step into a new journey!

Future-oriented and committed to intelligent manufacturing

With the continuous improvement of 3D vision technology in terms of accuracy, efficiency and automation, coupled with the future empowerment of artificial intelligence and 5G, it will accelerate the development of data information from 2D to 3D, and 3D data will be more comprehensive, accurate and reliable, which will give rise to a new market demand and rapid growth. Regarding the future market strategy of the company, Mr. Li heartily said: "Daheng Image keeps exploring, improving and innovating in the market, and after more than 30 years of cultivation, the company's products and services have covered: printing, packaging, electronics, transportation, metallurgy, textile, food and drug, medical research and many other fields. The future business growth point of the company will mainly focus on 3C, internal logistics, new energy, intelligent manufacturing and other industries. Looking into the future, Daheng Image will continue to make efforts in 3D vision, AI artificial intelligence algorithm and other industries to better serve the domestic market."

Let's enter China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision Exhibition 2021 (VisionChina), together with the world of Daheng image vision system, experience the road of intelligent derivation, and explore the infinite possibilities of future vision technology! (DaHeng Imaging Booth No.: 9F21)

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