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Semiconductor industry industrial machine vision applications are more mature

Semiconductor industry has the characteristics of high integration and high fineness, is the earliest large-scale application of machine vision technology. The application of machine vision in the semiconductor industry involves the detection of semiconductor appearance defects, size, quantity, flatness, distance, positioning, calibration, solder joint quality, curvature, etc. In particular, the inspection, positioning, cutting and packaging process throughout the wafer fabrication requires the assistance of machine vision technology.

In the wafer manufacturing stage, machine vision is mainly used for wafer inspection and sorting; in the wafer manufacturing stage, machine vision is mainly used for precision positioning and minimum scale detection; in the packaging test stage, the importance of machine vision technology is more prominent, wafers in the cutting process need to use machine vision systems for accurate and rapid positioning, if the positioning error, the entire wafer will be scrapped, in the entire cutting process also Need machine vision system for the entire positioning guidance, the current machine vision products in the guidance process has been both the weld line drop detection function; wafer cutting will continue to use machine vision products to identify non-defective products into the placement process after completion; in the placement process, the core architecture for vision plus motion - the need for machine vision products through Identify the lens position and angle, and guide the motor to correct the angle of the wafer after picking up to the designated position on the PCB placement.

VisionChina (Shenzhen) 2021 will be held on November 23-25 at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall). 200+ exhibitors will bring the industry's latest products and cutting-edge technologies. This issue continues to "reveal" new machine vision products that can be applied to the semiconductor industry, covering sensors, cameras, code readers, vision software and vision solutions. Come and see what's on display!

Precitec Laser Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Booth No.9G65

# Spectral Confocal Single Point Sensor CHRocodile Mini

The new CHRocodile Mini sensor enables high-precision contact-free distance and thickness measurements.The CHRocodile Mini is also very flexible in tight spaces. The compact controller and the optical probe are connected via fiber optics. This makes it possible to separate the optical probe from the controller separately. In addition, the probe does not contain any moving parts or heat generating electronics that would affect the accuracy of the measurement.

Application scenarios: Position, size, shape and contour determination (e.g. microelectronic components), roughness measurement (e.g. tool surfaces) and thickness measurement of glass or plastic coatings


Beijing Zhiqiang Vision Technology Co.,Ltd. Booth No. 9G23

# IC Inspection

IC chips are inspected for chip quality using a fully automatic IC taping machine before leaving the factory, rejecting unqualified IC chips and encapsulating qualified IC chips into the material tape. The vision module of the automatic IC taping machine mainly detects the presence or absence of chips in the tape, positive or negative, pin abnormalities (missing pins, deformation, unqualified pin spacing), pin parallelism, chip surface characters and screen printing quality.

Recommended products: Vieworks' VC and VT series cameras

· Ultra-small appearance design, easy to integrate

· Highly reliable image presentation, ensuring consistency of high-speed capture images

Application scenario: Micro electronic device inspection, and capacitor, resistor, diode and other components inspection and banding, etc.


China Daheng Group, Inc. Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch Booth No. 9F21

# Mercury II MER2-G series industrial camera

MER2-G series of MERCURY2 family is a new generation of products independently developed by Daheng Image, which continues the advantages of compact and sturdy structure of MER-G series cameras of MERCURY1 generation and some models have improved the built-in image processing (ISP) algorithm, support more functions and provide multiple acquisition methods. The MER2-G series cameras use GigE interface for image data transmission, and integrate I/O (GPIO) interface and provide cable locking device, which can work stably in various harsh environments.

MER2-G series cameras are highly reliable and cost-effective industrial digital cameras with excellent performance, compact design, affordable price, easy installation and use, and a wide range of camera models with various resolutions and frame rates.

Application areas: industrial inspection, medical, scientific research, education and security, etc.


Shijie Intelligent Tech (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. Booth No.9E47

  Industrial Code Reader(ICW74)

ICW74 series of image-based code readers have excellent light-sensitive performance and superb decoding ability, and can read barcodes and 2D codes as small as 2 mil. Compact size, easy to use, and can be applied to different application scenarios. The unique industry-leading DPM decoding algorithm can read various difficult DPM 2D codes, such as firing pin codes, laser laser engraved codes, rectangular codes, very small codes and even invisible codes, etc. in a stable and fast manner.

1. 1 megapixel image-based fixed code reader.

2. industry-leading DPM decoding algorithm, which can read all kinds of difficult DPM codes stably and quickly.

3. compact size, easy installation, simple to use.

4. comes with Aimer aiming point, which can quickly locate the barcode position and decode easily.

5. comes with OK/NG signal indicator, which can give intuitive feedback whether the code reading is successful or not.

6. supports Ethernet, RS-232, USB-vertual-COM, USB-HID and other communication protocols.

7. support FTP picture transmission for traceability and analysis.

8. up to 10 groups of different reading configuration parameters can be set, perfectly solving the mixed line production applications.

9. full metal housing, protection level up to IP65.

Application areas: 3C, automotive, semiconductor, lithium, liquid crystal, pharmaceutical, photovoltaic and home appliance manufacturing, etc.


CkVision Machine Vision Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No.: 9G33

# CKVisionBuilder V3.0 intelligent machine vision software without programming

CKVisionBuilder is TTI's self-developed intelligent machine vision software. The algorithm of this software is self-developed by TTI and has reached the international first-class level. It is not only a high-performance, multi-purpose software that can achieve multi-functional combinations without writing code, but also has unparalleled development speed and can realize various logical processes exactly as the developer intends. More importantly, it also provides powerful computing and processing capabilities, with a wealth of long-tested and proven algorithmic tools, which can greatly and quickly meet the requirements of our customers to develop custom machine vision system software for non-standard equipment.

1. easy to get started, drag-and-drop.

2. no programming, applicable to a variety of industries.

3. modular, multiple cameras running simultaneously.

4. support user-developed algorithm tools, which can be used for data analysis.

Application areas: electronics, automotive, semiconductor, logistics, food and medical, etc.


VIEWORKS Booth No. 9F03

# VT series cameras

The VT series is a TDI (Time Delayed Integration) line array camera that offers a variety of different resolution models. M42, M72 and M95 lens interfaces are available. At the same time, in order to facilitate the integration of the system, the series provides a variety of standard transmission interfaces such as Gigabit network, Camera Link, CoaXPress, etc.

Application scenarios: flat panel display inspection, wafer inspection, printed circuit board inspection, high performance document scanning, etc.

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