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VisionChina (Shenzhen) 2021 will be held on November 23-25 at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall). There will be 200+ machine vision exhibitors coming with the latest cutting-edge products and technologies. Vision systems, imaging solutions, inspection equipment, smart cameras, industrial cameras, industrial lenses, 3D vision, light sources, boards, software packages, robot vision systems, sensors, auxiliary products and many other exciting products will bring you an unparalleled vision experience.


China Daheng Group, Inc. Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch Booth No. 9F21

★ PALLAS Intelligent Camera

PALLAS series is the first industrial intelligent camera series launched by Daheng Image, which has the characteristics of high cost performance and low power consumption. This series is compact and sturdy, small and light, easy to install, and can work stably in various harsh industrial environments. PALLAS series provides integrated MERLIC graphical vision software version and bare-metal version for users to choose. The series can be widely used for 1D/2D code reading, character recognition (OCR), measurement, calibration, inspection and positioning applications in logistics, electronic components, semiconductor, automotive manufacturing, electronic equipment and other industries.



Hangzhou Hikrobot Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No. 9F35

★ SC7000 series intelligent camera

1、Built in deep learning based vision tools, can realize character recognition, object recognition, item sorting and other functions .

2、Support automatic and semi-automatic focus, to achieve a device corresponding to multiple sizes of product production Support large-capacity storage, selective storage of logs and sorting pictures in the device .

3、Multiple light sources can be selected to adapt to different production environments.

4、Rich IO interface, can access multiple input and output signals.

5、Rich status indicator, can grasp the status of the device in real time, convenient debugging and maintenance.

6、Support Gigabit Ethernet, serial port, TCP, UDP, ftp, EtherNet/IP, Modbus communication, Profinet and other communication modes.



China Nation Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation Booth No. 9F61

★ BASLER Digital Camera

Sinopharm Foreign Trade Scientific Instruments Department is responsible for the German BASLER camera medical and life science field in Greater China and Korea general agent. BASLER is a leading global manufacturer of high quality cameras and camera accessories, and is responsible for the launch and promotion of new products, business development and further development of BASLER cameras, as well as providing professional technical support and value-added services to customers. Relying on more than 30 years of rich industry experience, its products are based on stable and reliable hardware, firmware and pylon software, and BASLERMED function packages are created specifically for the medical and life science fields, providing customers with easy compliance, perfect color, low-light imaging, and industry-leading medical-specific cameras.



ADLINK Technology (China) Co.,Ltd. Booth No. 9F71

★ NEON-1000-MDX Series Intelligent Camera

1、ADLINK's industrial AI smart camera NEON-1000-MDX series, equipped with Intel Atom E3930 CPU and Movidius Myriad X VPU and a series of image sensors, enables users to handle various applications flexibly.

2. With the VPU and the embedded graphics card on the Intel Atom SoC, users can deploy their AI vision systems to different neural networks created using Intel OpenVINO.

3、By utilizing ADLINK EVA (Edge Video Analytics), Intel OpenVINO models can be quickly and easily deployed on NEON-1000-MDX, thus saving valuable time and effort.

4. The NEON-1000-MDX series integrates rich I/O including 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, 1 communication interface, 1 LAN port, and 1 USB Type-C port, enabling multiple applications in a compact chassis and reducing cabling effort for easy installation and deployment.

5. ADLINK EVA (Edge Video Analytics) is a Gstreamer-based software tool that provides the necessary plug-ins for simplified integration of Intel OpenVINO optimization models. With the powerful open source framework and structured data, users can quickly and easily build applications.



Beijing Mircroview Science and Technolgy Co., Ltd. Booth No. 9H41

★ Six-sided appearance AI deep learning detection system, Microsight SWIFT series camera

SWIFT can detect 12,000 hexahedra per minute using graphics card 2080Ti. The inspection system uses AiDitron deep learning software with its own deep learning network architecture, which can easily change the learning network and obtain high recognition accuracy.AiDitron deep learning software has four main functions: character recognition; target localization; defect detection; and image classification.AiDitron deep learning software for a variety of challenging machine vision applications AiDitron deep learning software provides a powerful, flexible and straightforward solution for a variety of challenging machine vision applications.


Shanghai Sengo Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No. 9E63

★ Laser 3D Contour Camera

sG56N, tG56N series laser 3D contour camera can integrate laser light source, professional industrial lens and high speed and high resolution CMOS image sensor through triangulation method to achieve stable, high speed and high precision non-contact 3D measurement, which is widely used in various industries in industrial field, including semiconductor, 3C, automotive, lithium, welding, etc.



Shenzhen Sunvision Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No. 9I75


With a modern Sony Pregius S sensor, the FXO 10GigE offers excellent image quality and an economical, high-performance interface. Supports distances of up to 100 meters. The control is transparent to GigE Vision. The rugged CNC milled housing provides excellent temperature management and offers excellent image uniformity. The large image memory supports fast trigger image sequences regardless of network load.



Beijing Vizum Technology Co.,Ltd. Booth No. 9H71

★ RGBD Camera

RGBD stereo camera adopts binocular stereo camera, high pixel color camera structure design, using line laser assisted positioning, this camera has the ability to fully construct color 3D spatial information, can output RGBD data, point cloud data, depth map, color images, etc. directly at the camera end, with high accuracy of color and stereo data fusion, wide camera field of view, fast real-time alignment, etc., which can output to various objects More complete, detailed and accurate color 3D spatial data. It can be widely used in robotic arm positioning and grasping, 1D and 2D code identification, goods identification and classification, object size measurement, machine learning detection, color selection detection, object surface detection and other application scenarios.



Microma (ShenZhen) Information Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No. 9D61

★ Industrial intelligent camera Micro2000

1、Super high cost performance.

2、Liquid lens can be installed.

3、Detection with or without, code reading, OCR detection.

4、Applicable industries: cell phone industry, electronics industry, plastic industry, home appliance industry, hardware industry, lithium industry, automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry.



Nst Technology Limited. Booth No. 9E63

★ Binocular Vision Camera

Product features: small size, low latency, high precision

This product is stereo camera Eagle Eye series, abbreviation: EE60 Based on binocular parallax principle, through the built-in high-precision algorithm, it can efficiently output the original figure data and depth data of detected objects, which can be used for three spatial measurements, obstacle detection and object recognition functions, etc. It is widely used in static volume measurement, robot obstacle avoidance and other industry applications. To ensure the quality of camera product output data, we have calibrated the binoculars when the product is shipped. Juixin Smart Stereo Camera (Depth Edition) helps customers to provide rapid verification of product and technology development and accelerate the process from R&D to productization.

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