VisionChina Shenzhen's New "Vision" World with You!

The 3-day VisionChina Shenzhen (October 10-12, 2019) ended with success. HQVISION would like to thank all customers, both old and new, for their support and recognition and we will make efforts to make R & D continuously and provide the world's advanced visual image products and technologies.


We’d also extend our thanks to our strategic partners including SVS, Adimec, Hamamatsu, ICRD, EURESYS, Moritex, Hewtech and other top international visual product suppliers for their strong support for this exhibition. Let’s work together continuously for a better future.


By highlighting concise and capable features, HQVISION brought many characteristic system displays in the exhibition in both static and dynamic form. To be specific, the long-wave thermal imaging temperature measurement product it developed and designed independently brought new idea to visual inspection through matching with the low-power X86 platform; the display and real-time simulation of a series of products such as AOI high-precision inspection module for glass surface, UHR SVS 151M camera screen defect detection system, Adimec high-speed camera + Euresys 3D acquisition system, Hamamatsu planar array SWIR camera and Bluevision 1,024 resolution linear array SWIR camera brought a unique sensory enjoyment to all the customers.


The 3-day exhibition ended but HQVISION’s exploration and innovation in this field will never end. In the future, we will still remain true to the original aspiration and work painstakingly together with all partners and customers to make progress further in the field of machine vision! We look forward to meeting you in next exhibition.

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