VisionChina Shenzhen | Hikvision Robot Reflects Its Full Intelligence in This Golden Fall and Unveils a Diversified New Vision!

In VisionChina Shenzhen which was ended with success on October 12, 2019, Hikvision robot displayed the full series machine vision products of five exhibition areas including HD camera, standard products, intelligent products, 3D vision and code reading products as well as the lurking series robots used for the internal logistics scenarios.



The 150 M ultra-high resolution camera is designed with Sony IMX411 CMOS rolling shutter chip. CoaXPress data interface, ultra-high transmission bandwidth, high dynamic range and low readout noise all contribute to the excellent imaging quality, making the camera applicable to such applications as panel detection, PCB AOI, etc.


65 M HD camera combines the high frame rate and HD perfectly. Gpixel GMAX3265 GS CMOS chip is used with a resolution of 9,344*7,000 and pixel size of 3.2 μm. ISP algorithms such as flat field correction and lens shading correction are supported; 4-way CXP-6 transmission interface has a frame rate of 32 fps under full resolution at maximum.


50 M high resolution CCD camera is provided with Onsemi KAI50140 CCD chip. The 4.5μm pixel brings superior photoresponse ability. The unique TEC refrigeration technology enjoys excellent imaging effect. The 2: 1 resolution aspect ratio is the premium choice of screen detection.


8K color linear array camera is designed with CMOS chip and supports color and color TDI mode imaging. The color rendition effect is quite excellent. Designed with CameraLink transmission interface and 40 kHz high line frequency, it can satisfy the high-speed and high-precision detection demands of panel, lithium battery and semiconductor.


Standard Products

The full series cameras cover CH series, CA series and CE series the solution of which is from 30 M to 150 M. It is able to bring superior imaging quality thanks to the high quality CCD or CMOS chip, diversified interfaces and excellent ISP algorithm.


Intelligent Products

SC2000 series vision sensor is a kind of intelligent camera based on image analysis detection product or production parts. It displayed several fault detections of drug boxes on site.

Smart View is the special display expansion box for vision sensor which could display the image and detection results in real time. It is easy to use with a high performance ratio.


Machine vision VM algorithm platform 3.1 encapsulates thousands of image processing operators developed independently so as to form a strong vision analysis tool library. The machine vision application system can be built quickly with no programming and through simple and flexible configuration.


WC4000 series vision controller provides a variety of common vision interfaces such as POE ports, serial port, IO and light source with high expansibility. With VM algorithm platform, it could display the vision detection tools.


SC7000 series intelligent camera is designed with self-developed R & D in-depth learning algorithm. Tools such as in-depth learning OCR, classification, fault detection and training are available, making it applicable to the detection and recognition of complex environment conveniently. 30 kinds of in-depth learning classification algorithms that separate article zone as well as target detection algorithm which could finish currency variety recognition within a short time was displayed on site.


3D Vision

3D laser outline sensor, which is provided with high-precision image processing algorithm, is able to reach a micro precision. It supports the preview and output of four modes including original map, cloud of points, depth map and skeleton diagram. Provided with self-developed measurement software, it is applicable to high-precision measurement and fault detection.


Code Reading Products

ID 6000 series intelligent code reader has three high resolutions available, including 8.9 MP, 12 MP and 20 MP. With an ultra-large view, it can reach a coverage scope of 1 m for the common 10 mil bar code at maximum. Provided with the special integrated light source, it could reach a depth of field of over 700 mm. On the basis of the in-depth learning platform and high-performance processor, it is able to cope with the complex one dimension code and QR code of logistics industry effectively.


ID5000 series intelligent code reader has two resolutions available, including 1.6 MP and 6 MP. With automatic mechanical focusing lens, it facilitates imaging and debugging. High-performance decoding algorithm can cope with such cases as bar code damage, low contrast and poor printing quality so as to satisfy the diversified application scenarios of industrial code reading.


ID3000 series intelligent code reader is provided with in-depth learning VPU platform to realize high-speed image processing technique; it has 0.4 MP and 1.6 MP resolutions available. It is able to read different kinds of code system bar codes in industrial field.


Full Series Machine Vision Products


We also displayed rich production line in the static exhibition area, including the full series machine vision products such as self-developed industrial camera, intelligent camera, intelligent code reader, stereo camera, vision controller, algorithm platform and lens.

Mobile Robot Products

The lurking series robots are provided with vision and laser hybrid navigation so as to realize free switching and satisfy the demands of different operation scenarios; it supports independent charging and automatic fast battery change.

As the flexible logistics circulation carrier, mobile robot can act based on demands and the line could be adjusted flexibly so as to reflect the diversity and flexibility of internal logistics solution fully, realize flexible production and enhance site utilization rate.

In the VisionChina Shenzhen and Machine Vision Exhibition and Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference held in the same period, Chen Shaojun, the general manager of Hikvision robot general manager in Southern China explained the technological innovation of the robot in such aspects as intelligent sensing, mobile robot, platform software, etc. by focusing on the idea of “empowering manufacturing with IoT and creating value through mobile technology” and also shared the industry cases of 3C, auto manufacturing, e-commerce retailing and EMS logistics.

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