Hua Han Wei Ye meets VisionChina 2020 (Shenzhen) with many products, new products debut!

In the wave of intelligent manufacturing, the production line has new requirements for industrial equipment, and the demand for quality inspection and production is increasing. The new generation of machine vision system can process a lot of information in just a few seconds. Such a fast processing ability paves the way for the application of machine vision in many fields. Under the wave of new opportunities and new trends, it is bound to promote the traditional manufacturing industry to seek breakthroughs and burst out new technologies. Visionchina (Shenzhen), which will be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Museum) from November 3 to 5, will introduce the concept of vision plus x, integrate laser, electronics, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, and show the innovative application and customized solutions of machine vision in the wave of artificial intelligence, "5g +", "+ AI". With many products, Huahan Weiye will appear in visionchina 2020 (Shenzhen) and launch new products!

Aidisuite launches new products

The end-to-end industrial AI detection system based on "fast and deep learning" technology supports OCR / object positioning / intelligent classification / complex defect detection, distributed deployment, multi client online, remote, real-time training and reasoning. High deployment efficiency greatly improves the usability of deep learning in industrial scenarios.

Application fields: 3C electronic manufacturing, new energy, solar energy, packaging food industry, semiconductor, printing industry complex defect detection.

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