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Exhibits at the Show Guide                            

VisionChina (Shenzhen) 2021 will be held on November 23-25 at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan New Hall). There will be 200+ machine vision exhibitors with the latest cutting-edge products and technologies. Vision systems, imaging solutions, inspection equipment, smart cameras, industrial cameras, industrial lenses, 3D vision, light sources, boards, software packages, robot vision systems, sensors, auxiliary products and many other exciting products will bring you an unparalleled vision experience.


Wordop Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.Booth No. 9H01

★ Photometric Stereo

Photometric stereo image enhancement plug-in + custom optical system can solve the problem of excessive interference of abrupt features in complex textured surfaces.
1. can detect the morphological changes of features using normal vector maps.
2. the reflectance map can be used to detect the reflectance changes caused by different materials.
3. The relative height map can also be used to filter out the disturbing features and get a relatively pure shape change map.



Dongguan Sunrise Automation Co., Ltd. Booth No.9H02

★ Automatic high-speed inspection system

1. This product is used to show part of the inspection function of Sanrui vision system, covering geometric measurement, defect detection and barcode identification.

2. Detection accuracy 0.01mm, detection speed 10pcs/s. 3.

3. Suitable for precision hardware, Type-c, USB product size measurement, part of the appearance of the defect detection and barcode identification.


Chengdu Xinxiwang Automatic Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No. 9G25

★Camera appearance inspection equipment

▼System performance

1、Lens center mirror area, the functional area of the product, can detect white dots, scratches, dirt, the minimum defect detection area of 0.003mm2.

2、Can detect white spots, scratches, dirty defects, the minimum defect detection area is 0.003㎜2;.

3、Can detect soiling, Barrel-Sim soiling, damage, the minimum defect detection area is 0.008mm2; /4、Can detect damage, large area breakage can be detected.


Guangzhou Optex Industrial Automation Control Equipment Co.,Ltd. Booth No. 9H55

★ Appearance inspection vision system equipped with AI deep learning

AI-STELLA equipped with AI deep learning appearance inspection software Preferred Networks Visual Inspection, using deep learning, based on a small number of good images and defective images can be learned to achieve the appearance inspection of good or bad decision. It specializes in inspection of manufacturing products (automotive, metal, rubber, resin, food, electronic parts, wood, semiconductor, glass, etc.).


PIQS Industrial Technologies (Shenzhen) Limited. Booth No. 9G61

★ Online 3D Laser Inspection System

Onsight LP series 3D laser profiler, with its key performance of speed, accuracy and imaging effect, has reached the industry leading level, which is a rare and cost-effective product among the domestic 3D inspection products and enhances the accuracy of industrial inspection by one level. The contour meter uses a 405nm blue laser for high-speed inspection, and can collect 8,000 contour data as fast as 1 second. With ultra-high measurement accuracy, it can accurately measure even when low reflectivity black materials, high reflectivity metals or sloping surfaces are mixed in the same optical axis.


Union Big Data Tech. Inc. Booth No. 9F63

★ ADC Automatic Defect Classification Inspection System

The ADC is a product defect detection and classification system provided by Digital Union based on its self-developed AI analysis engine. It automatically detects defects in AOI images during industrial production, adjudicates the defect type CODE, and labels the location, size and other information of defects. ADC uses deep learning combined with traditional vision algorithms to break through the bottleneck of traditional image processing technology and provide highly accurate defect classification results.



Axiomtek(shenzhen)Co.,Ltd. Booth No. 9F73

★ MVS100-323-FL Intelligent Machine Vision System

The ultra-slim fanless machine vision system, MVS100-323-FL, has real-time vision I/O and camera interface. Vision I/O includes trigger input/output, LED illumination control and isolated DIO interface. Supports 2 independent IEEE802.3af GbE LAN interfaces (PoE) to industrial cameras, designed to be the best solution for automatic optical inspection (AOI), label presence inspection, optical character recognition (OCR) and defect inspection.



Shenzhen Spring Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Booth No.: 9H77

★Visual inspection equipment (six cameras)

1. This machine adopts high-definition vision inspection system, six sets of cameras continuously shoot six surfaces of the workpiece, which can effectively detect cracks, pits and surface dirt and other defects of the workpiece.

2. The machine all adopts modular design, with a high degree of interchangeability; and has a fixed-point positioning function, more convenient and fast in the process of debugging and maintenance.

3. All key components are made of internationally renowned brand products, which makes the life of the machine much longer and the performance more stable and reliable.

4. the equipment components using Advantech, Panasonic, Siemens, Keanshi, Schneider, SMC and other internationally renowned brands to ensure good data sampling and fast processing speed.

5. The servo synchronization control software is controlled by the single-chip control system developed by the factory, with friendly interface and convenient operation.



LUSTER LightTech Co., LTD. Booth No. 9F41

★Industrial Microscopy Application-Semiconductor Wafer Inspection System

▼Cobra2000-visible + short-wave infrared broad spectrum camera.

The camera can output 0.4~1.7μm broad spectrum images with maximum frame rate of 134fps@8bit@CL Medium/100fps@8bit@CL Base,small image element of 5um, and can provide large IR resolution of 1.3MP (1280x1024) with semiconductor cooling to ensure excellent sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. It is suitable for laser spot inspection, UAV aerial photography, material sorting, semiconductor inspection and other industrial applications.

▼Semiconductor wafer inspection system.

Using the characteristics of short-wave infrared can penetrate silicon material, thus making a big difference in the direction of quality inspection of semiconductor materials, defect and crack detection of finished silicon wafers, as well as laser alignment in the wafer cutting process and shaped lamination of LCD panels, etc. It is suitable for semiconductor wafer inspection equipment vendors, semiconductor manufacturers, research institutes, etc.


Origin Dynamics Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Booth No.: 9E73

★ Mobile phone motherboard defect intelligent visual inspection equipment

OD-A02-IM PCB defect detection equipment is different from the traditional automatic detection equipment, the equipment specification is 1250*900*1680 (mm), the equipment combines the traditional algorithm with deep learning, can identify the PCB board dirty, plastic body broken, connector collapse PIN, residual tin, PIN deformation, connector appearance deformation and test lining residue and other quality defects. After machine vision to image acquisition, cutting, identification and other related operations, the results will be timely feedback to the terminal, the enterprise can then be based on the results of NG and OK board classification, saving manpower and improve product quality.


Microvision Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No. 9J09

★ VisionBank Multi-Camera Intelligent Vision System

VisionBank Multi-Camera Smart Vision System brings the proven and reliable features of VisionBank Smart Vision Software to the machine vision industry. Up to 4-8 cameras can be connected to the SVC series intelligent vision controller for multi-view inspection in manufacturing environments.

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