【Exhibitor News】Shanghai Jiali:The second generation of line sweep & high brightness line sweep light source heavy upgrade

Product Features

Special circuit design, improve the light source into the end of the bright problem, the light source uniformity of up to 95%

◆Innovative heat dissipation design, compared to a generation of line sweeping heat dissipation structure, the same power when the temperature is reduced significantly, improving the service life of the light source

◆Second generation of conventional line scan light source brightness than a generation of 10-30%, high brightness line scan brightness than a generation of 50%-200%, the highest illumination of 2.7 million lux

◆The use of a unique columnar lens, the formation of a concentrated structure, high brightness, the light source dispersion angle is small, can be applied to different working distances, suitable for high speed line scan detection   


◆Metal surface defect detection

◆Substrate package parts inspection

◆Inspection of printed characters, etc.

◆Mobile phone screen surface defect detection


Imaging case




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