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As market activities gradually resume their normal state and the country's economic and technological strength continues to grow, as an important display and communication platform in the field of machine vision, Vision China 2023(shanghai)and Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Application Seminar will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center 5.1H on July 11-13, injecting a "booster" into artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing industries.

A one-stop trade exchange platform covering the entire upstream and downstream industrial chain

Vision China (shanghai) a lighthouse exhibition in the field of domestic machine vision, has been deeply involved in the industry for many years and has become a comprehensive trade platform integrating brand display, industrial chain integration, and cross regional trade. The exhibition area will reach 26000 square meters, bringing together over 270 representative enterprises in the field of machine vision. At the same time, a seminar on machine vision technology and industrial application will also be held on the site, and feature sections such as the machine vision innovative product exhibition area and the intelligent vision equipment exhibition area will be brought along.

The Vision China (shanghai)covers a full range of machine vision products. In 2023, it will solemnly showcase the core components of machine vision. Exhibitors such as China Daheng Group, Inc. Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch, Basler China, Shenzhen DO3THINK Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hikrobot Co., Ltd., Allied Vision, Zhejiang Huaray Technology Co., Ltd., Teledyne, Vieworks Co., Ltd., and Baumer (China) Co., Ltd. will, as always, bring the latest cutting-edge product technologies and solutions. Machine vision system integrators such as Ling Yunguang, OPT, Kearns, Macamand, LMI Technologies, and Solomon will also refresh the public's perception of innovative vision.

International trade is recovering, and international exhibition groups will also actively participate. In this exhibition, VDMA and AHK will continue to lead German and international exhibition groups to participate, promoting more business opportunities through on-site exchanges with domestic buyers.

Gather wisdom, lead peak dialogues, and hold concurrent seminars

At the same time, an industry vane forum - "Seminar on Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Application" was held, bringing together outstanding Chinese and overseas machine vision brands, manufacturers, agents, distributors, scientific research institutions, and professionals. The seminar focused on 3D technology+robotics, AI+deep learning, new product launches, machine vision, and 5G technology special reports, allowing participants to explore new ideas for industry development, expand contacts, and communicate directly.

Automatic detection helps intelligent manufacturing, intelligent visual equipment display area

With the advancement of the global wave of intelligent manufacturing, automation and intelligence have become the development trend of modern factories. As the "intelligent eye" of intelligent manufacturing, machine vision has covered multiple links in applications such as intelligent identification, intelligent measurement, intelligent positioning, and intelligent detection on industrial production lines. At the same time, the accelerated integration of emerging technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence with the manufacturing industry has extended a new generation of industrial vision products, such as configurable visual systems, intelligent visual equipment, and core visual devices, with machine vision technology as the core and guided by the actual needs of enterprises and industry trends, giving greater development space to the industrial testing market.

"Intelligent Visual Equipment Exhibition Area", which screens and invites suppliers of intelligent manufacturing equipment and components to settle in, allowing visitors and buyers to visit the site in person to learn and experience innovative technical products and solutions on the spot.

New R&D, New Vision, Machine Vision Innovative Product Exhibition Area

The organizer insists on continuously expanding new research and development, new horizons, and new technologies in the field of machine vision. Adhering to providing more meaningful content and services to the industry, the China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition will launch a "Machine Vision Innovative Product Exhibition Area" every year, presenting the outstanding shortlisted products of the "Machine Vision Innovative Product Award" to the audience. The unique design of the award-winning products will definitely allow the audience to feel inspiration while watching.

This award was created by the Machine Vision Industry Alliance (CMVU), and was selected from six categories of products, including light sources, lenses, cameras, intelligent processing, visual inspection equipment, visual software, and other accessories, based on comprehensive consideration of the product's professionalism, originality, and innovation dimensions. Finally, the winners of the "Grand Prize" and "Gold Prize" products were selected.

Limited scanning booking of booth

Vision China 2023(shanghai)has been deeply rooted in the industry for many years. As an important display and communication platform in the field of machine vision, the booth is under hot booking! Scan the code immediately and take a wonderful industry trip together!

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