Machine Vision Industry Union ,abbreviation for:CMVU

Machine Vision Industry Union is an enterprises union type organization which is affiliated to China Society of Image and Graphics Professional Committee. It is dedicated to promote the prosperity and development of machine vision industry in China and its theme is to boost the cooperation among relevant enterprises and the healthy development of the industry. It is also committed to strengthen the communication and cooperation between domestic and foreign organizations and to host various events and activities for its members as well as to reveal the opinions and requirements of its members and to protect their legal rights.

The characteristics of Machine Vision Industry Union:

Machine Vision Industry Union is a national and unprofitable social group that is formed voluntarily by machine vision components providers, system manufacturers, system integrators, dealers and organizations that provide consultations on machine vision and image technologies as well as end users of machine vision products in various industries and it is also open for foreign organization and enterprises of similar kind to join in.


The business scope of Machine Vision Industry Union:

Provide industrial information, involved in the establishment of standards, international cooperation, market research, educational training, web information services, conferences and exhibitions as well as cooperate with relevant functional government departments within the country.

China  Machine Vision Industry Union members:

Machine Vision Industry Union now has more than 300 members who are dedicated to the self-development of machine vision products, application design, system integration and oversea products agencies. What’s more, the participation of some foreign enterprises also injects vitality to the development Machine Vision Industry Union in China.


Contact information of Machine Vision Industry Union in China:

Tel: +86 10-62650592,62650570

Fax: +86 010-62650570-804

Email: yc@china-image.cn 


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