Recognized again! Baidu Intelligent Cloud Industrial Vision Intelligent Platform won the Gold Award for Machine Vision Innovation

Baidu Intelligent Cloud's leading open, independent and controllable industrial AI vision technology has been highly recognized by the industry.

On March 19, in the 2021 China (Shanghai) machine Vision exhibition (Vision China), Baidu intelligent cloud industrial Vision intelligent platform won the "2020 machine Vision innovation product gold award" issued by the machine Vision industry alliance, become a model of AI technology in the industrial field of innovative application.

Since entering the industrial field in 2017, Baidu Intelligent Cloud has now formed a complete solution with industrial intelligence as the core and industrial Internet as the support, helping China's industrial intelligent transformation.

In recent years, the application of machine vision technology has been expanding, covering many industries such as electronics, automobiles, batteries, semiconductors, packaging, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and medical treatment. Machine vision is the eyes of intelligent manufacturing, is an important part of the industrial production environment, is also an important data entry of the edge layer of the industrial Internet.

In this core field, Vision China is a machine Vision event with the longest history, the most professional and the best academic atmosphere. This exhibition with the theme of "innovation release, international exchange, brand promotion", 215 high-quality machine vision brand exhibition from 14 countries and regions, a comprehensive display of machine vision industry innovation technology, product experience and application examples.

In the exhibition, many application scenarios of machine vision innovation technology were favored by the exhibitors, such as intelligent quality inspection. In 3C manufacturing plants, product quality inspection always requires a lot of labor. Inspection workers have to check more than 10,000 parts a day, roughly 19 per minute, and sort defects. Such high strength is easy to lead to workers "eye", product quality can not be maintained at a stable level.

In this context, Baidu Intelligent Cloud and its partners jointly created an intelligent automatic detection device for complex surface defect detection -- Baidu AI Quality Inspection All-in-One Machine. The machine can detect 9000 parts per hour, the efficiency is much higher than that of manual 2000 parts, can accurately identify all 33 types of defects of the product, the missed detection rate is controlled within 0.1%, and can make the full inspection and delivery reach AQL 0.4 standard (a very high qualified quality level), help enterprises to improve quality and efficiency.

Baidu Intelligent Cloud Intelligent Quality Inspection has landed in automobile, 3C, rubber and other industries. In July 2020, Baidu Intelligent Cloud announced that the cloud platform for industrial quality inspection was fully upgraded to Baidu Industrial Vision Intelligent Platform, which supports the integration of end-cloud services: the cloud supports the closed-loop training of the deep learning model, and at the same time through the edge computing support model delivery and data transmission, to meet the multi-level needs of different industries and different customers.

In the "Market Analysis of China's AI-Enabled Industrial Quality Inspection Solutions" released by the global authoritative consulting agency IDC in 2020, Baidu Intelligent Cloud occupies the first place in the AI industrial quality inspection market.

At this exhibition, Baidu Intelligent Cloud displayed the latest updated version of the industrial vision intelligent platform, as well as the relevant solutions around the platform. The biggest highlight of the new version is that it is more deeply integrated with Baidu Flying Par Deep Learning Framework and Baidu Kunlun AI chip, with better model effect, lower cost of computing power and more autonomous and controllable underlying technology. The platform fully supports the AI model training of images and videos, and the built-in scenario-based models such as classification, segmentation, detection and OCR are also fully upgraded.

At the same time, the platform is fully integrated with terminals such as Baidu Kunlun AI box and intelligent camera, allowing customers to conduct AI model training at zero threshold and then send it to edge terminals with one key, thus realizing rapid deployment and landing of high-precision call models.

In this exhibition, Baidu Intelligent Cloud and Baidu Brain Dumix AR jointly created the industrial space intelligence and AR application platform. Centered on the four scene applications of scene reconstruction, training and assessment, remote assistance and AR patrol, Baidu Intelligent Cloud provided software and hardware integrated solutions to realize the industrial space intelligence with digital twin as the core. Through visual presentation form and experiential interaction, the company directly solves the common pain points of traditional industrial enterprises, helps industrial enterprises realize knowledge precipitation, data traceability and experience inheritance, and helps enterprises improve the level of intelligence and production and operation efficiency.

At present, Baidu Intelligent Cloud has built an industrial Internet platform with industrial intelligence as the core. The bottom layer is supported by Baidu's technology in the field of industrial cloud and IoT, and the middle layer is two AI platforms of industrial vision intelligence and industrial data intelligence. Combining the two AI platforms and the core links in the production, through the mode of "one enterprise first gear" and "one chain first gear", the digitization level of local enterprises and industrial chains is targeted to enhance the power for enterprises, industries and regional economy.

At present, Baidu Intelligent Cloud Industrial Internet has covered 14 major industries, such as steel, 3C, water, electric power, automobile, etc., with more than 100 customers and 30 partners, reaching more than 50 types of industrial production core scenarios such as power grid intelligent inspection, process parameter optimization, predictive maintenance of equipment, etc.

At the moment when the country is vigorously laying out new infrastructure, Baidu Intelligent Cloud takes "cloud computing as the basis, artificial intelligence as the starting point, focusing on the important track" as the strategy, forming a unique competitive advantage of "cloud intelligence as a whole".

"Cloud Intelligence" has three major advantages in the field of industrial Internet:

• First of all, Baidu Intelligent Cloud makes use of edge cloud fusion to make AIOT use more intelligent and deploy more quickly, making it possible for the AI model to change with the demand of flexible production;

• Second, Baidu Intelligent Cloud is a cloud specially optimized for AI. It builds independent and controllable AI infrastructure services oriented to AI application architecture, and integrates independently developed cloud AI Kunlun chip and flying oar deep learning platform, etc.

• Finally, Baidu Intelligent Cloud has completed the end-to-end full stack layout of AI, has the most advanced AI open platform and developer community in China, has created an open PaaS platform for industrial intelligence, and continues to empower partners and customers.

In January 2021, with the launch of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Action Plan (2021-2023)", China's industrial Internet started to go deep to real, entered the "rapid growth cycle", from the focus on equipment data access to data analysis and value application of the new stage, opened the industrial intelligence "new three years". "Cloud intelligence" of Baidu intelligent cloud industrial Internet will become a force to accelerate the "new three years" can not be ignored.

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