Sheng phase of science and technology | Sizector The S Series 16.2 megapixel 3D camera went on sale

01-The 3 d camera S162060 01 - Sizector ®

Sizector®3D Camera S162060, the industry's first 16.2-megapixel structured light 3D camera, has been released by Sizector®3D Camera S162060. The product is based on Shengxiang's latest S series technology platform and uses industry-leading 3D reconstruction technology of structured light. As the first 16.2 megapixel 3D camera launched by Vision China, S162060C was presented at Vision China (Shanghai) booth in March 2021.

The camera adopts the latest generation of high-speed CMOS chip, and the number of pixel points in the X direction reaches 5328 (non-interpolated). The point cloud quality and the detection accuracy that can be achieved by the 3D camera have reached a new height in the industry. Under the condition of full point cloud output with 16.2 megapixel resolution, the S162060 can achieve the maximum full cycle frame rate of 3.9 frames/second. From the index of full cycle point rate (as shown in the figure below), the data processing speed of S162060 is far higher than that of similar products, as high as 63.18 Mbps.

02- Comparison of shooting effects

Comparison of image effect of CPU base tin ball

Comparison of imaging effects of IC package PIN

High resolution 3 d camera will bring different experience for customers, in 16.2 million pixels 3 d camera, for example, it is up to 5328 the number of pixels X direction, to solve the drawbacks of former generation of 3 d camera is not good at such defect detection problem, provides different from existing 2 d + 3 d camera another test plan, is a more optimal solution of the existing visual inspection requirements. S162060 is the first 3D camera in the industry that truly realizes the fusion of 2D and 3D detection/measurement.

03-Sizector®S Series Technology Platform

The Sizector® S Series technology platform for 3D cameras was officially launched in July 2020. So far, eight 2.8 megapixel and one 16.2 megapixel 3D cameras have been unveiled. S series can not only meet the high frame rate requirements of online detection, but also have powerful hardware functions (such as hardware HDR, hardware matrix transformation, hardware point cloud post-processing, etc.). It will also be able to support the output of a variety of 3D data formats (as shown below).

S technology platform has a high degree of openness and rich expandability, which can provide more configurations and models of 3D cameras. In the future, it will launch more types of products such as different mesh size (1/2/4 mesh), support for external light source expansion (external RGB light source can be connected to achieve RGBD data output), configuration of telepentric/non-telepentric lens, etc. To adapt to the increasingly changing needs of 3D applications.

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