JAI all love technology invites you to participate in the China (Shanghai) machine vision exhibition 2021

JAI all love technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. sincerely invite you to visit our booth at China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition 2021. Jai was founded in Denmark in 1963, with nearly 60 years of global business service experience, and has been deeply engaged in various machine vision industries and applications such as industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, monitoring, aerospace, sports, etc., providing various scientific, diversified and cost-effective visual solutions and technical services for global customers. In addition to the experience of development and production accumulated in Japan for a long time, a complete Japanese manufacturing and quality management system has been established. In order to meet the global business needs, especially in China, Jai has added Singapore production base this year.

[exhibition summary]

■ exhibition period: March 17-19, 2021

■ venue Name: Shanghai New International Expo Center

■ sponsor: Machine Vision Industry Alliance

■ official website of the exhibition: http://www.visionchinashow.net/txw_ sh/

■ booth No. 1705

[face scan camera]

◆ new product: 29x29mm compact, cheap and reliable performance "go-x" series products, which are functional, high quality and
Stability in one. The compact fuselage not only integrates 80g anti shock, 10g anti vibration and good heat dissipation performance, but also integrates the mature manufacturing process quality of Jai, and creates a six-year quality assurance unprecedented in the industry.


2.4 megapixel (49fps/159fps ※ estimated.)


3.4 megapixel (117fps ※ estimated.)


3.2 megapixel (36fps/55fps ※ estimated.)


5.1 megapixel (73fps ※ estimated..)


5.1 megapixel (22fps/35fps ※ estimated.)


8.84 megapixel (12fps/32fps ※ estimated.)


12.28 megapixel (9fps/23fps ※ estimated.)

◆[new products] add more high-resolution, high-speed and high-quality products, and the excellent imaging performance of "spark" series spark series of high-quality products is undoubtedly your ideal choice for pursuing high-resolution, high-speed and high image quality. The high-speed version of 45mp is suitable for the environment with high requirements for three conditions, such as sports reality and event broadcast. The unique dual gain and two HDR modes of double shutter realize the active use of HDR function in the industry.


2621 megapixel (150fps ※ estimated.)


44.7 megapixel (52fps at full amplitude / 65fps at 8K)

Prism scanning camera

With high color reduction capability, the "apex" series 3CMOS prism can bring you very accurate color image data

As the most distinctive camera product of Jai, the industrial camera can provide better color reduction and spatial image resolution ability than traditional Bayer color camera, and flexible color space conversion ability, which greatly facilitates users. The prism camera structure constructed by 3 3.2 megapixel chips and prism modules realizes the efficient transmission of optical information.


3.2 megapixel x 3 (55fps/ 38fps/12fpcs/106fps max)

[prism line scanning camera]

◆ new product: the first 8K 4-cmos r/g/b/nir high resolution prism line scan camera in the industry is based on the 8K industrial line scan camera based on prism. It is designed with 4cmos prism and equipped with 4 separate image sensors, which enables each line to capture red, green, blue and near infrared spectral bands at 8192 pixels at the same time. 10GE interface realizes 36kHz high-speed scanning, which provides technical support for high-speed and high color requirements in continuous imaging applications.


8192 pixels x 4 (36kHz max)

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