2021 VisionChina (Shanghai) Highlights Stage 1

On March 19, 2021, the China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition and Seminar on Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Application, sponsored by Machine Vision Industry Alliance (CMVU) and organized by Messe Munich (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Cross-industry cooperation and technology integration are the trend and opportunities of the whole machine vision. As the "eye" of wisdom, this exhibition will not only consolidate the original scope of exhibition and products, but also lead the industry audience to deepen the development of vertical industries and technologies. Around intelligent manufacturing, visual AI, 3D vision, automatic detection, disordered capture, infrared laser detection, robot vision and other hot words, through the lens, industrial camera, light source, image software, board card, visual system and other machine vision products, Display the application of vision in various fields such as detection, face recognition/text recognition, unmanned driving, smart medical care, smart logistics, AR/VR, etc. Through digitization and intelligence, add "smart eye" to everything, take the wind of "new infrastructure", and drive industrial transformation and upgrading.

This exhibition gathered a total of [200+] exhibitors, and the number of visitors exceeded [79,453] in three days.

Kay as well

In this exhibition, Kaishika carried 2D intelligent vision sensor-VU2D series, 2D intelligent vision sensor-Fastener series, 3D intelligent contour sensor-VU3D series, 3D line laser contour measurement sensor-UC3D series, to bring more professional visual perception experience to customers.



As a leading provider of intelligent vision detection solutions in China, Onna Industrial Technology presented many new products at OV Pavilion OV20 booth. This exhibition will focus on two new products: 2D vision new product - VISIONET intelligent vision detection system, 3D vision new product - online 3D laser detection system.


Han vibration smart

In this exhibition, Hanzhen Intelligence carried the new True series 3D cameras and 3D disordered capture solutions to demonstrate on the spot, and talked with colleagues in the industry about 3D vision technology and application.


Rainbow division

In this exhibition, Hongke brought the latest products and solutions to the audience, including industrial cameras, AI cameras, 3D cameras, LSI front-end design, FPGA automatic debugging, etc.


Lang photoelectric weft

Weilon photoelectric displays a rich variety of controllers - analog power supply, digital trigger controller, programmable digital controller, high power controller, lightening controller and a rich variety of lens display -FA lens/telecentric lens/macro lens/line sweep lens/wide Angle lens.


Degree of "science and technology

In this exhibition, Dusen Technology brought intelligent industrial camera, gigabit network, gigabit network, to present more convenient, faster, more intelligent, more integrated machine vision products and software platform for customers.


Wai king smart

In this exhibition, the first product of Weijing Intelligent Portable Intelligent Light Eye (intelligent terminal line laser binocular stereo camera) and the cutting-edge scientific and technological solution -- conveyor volume measurement system were presented, which attracted many customers to visit.


Zhongke fusion

As one of the exhibitors of this time, the 3D camera Pro-M and Pro-XL carried by the Institute of Perception Intelligence welcomed thousands of customers to stop and visit the solution of disordered capture, dismantling and palliding and one-stop Random Bin Ppicking solution.


Zhongke line wisdom

A series of products and solutions, including 3D line laser camera, 3D structured light camera, deep learning visual analysis platform, industrial vision detection platform, and 3D disordered grasping system with self-developed camera of China Science & Technology Corporation, are newly unveiled. In particular, 3D shaft-shifting structured light camera and 3D white light interferometer, which are specialized in ultra-high precision, high reflection and transparent material size measurement, also made their debut in this exhibition.


Milky Way science and technology

The new products brought by Star Technology in this exhibition include MINI LCD backlight performance tester and general precision vision detector. Mainly for automotive electronics, semiconductor, notebook computers, mobile phones and other production and assembly process of vision and electrical testing.

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