2021 VisionChina (Shanghai) Highlights Phase II

On March 19, 2021, China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition and Seminar on Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Application came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

This exhibition elite photoelectric, MuTeng light, DE sheng, teck, adlink, light tiger visual, plover figure, Letv, following, bo all the exhibitors to carry laser module, such as double telecentric lens, cables, light source, 3 d industrial camera, sensor, 3 d laser scanning platform, deep learning software and AI machine vision solutions products such as grand appearance, the crowds, The wonderful booth attracted many visitors to stop.


This exhibition gathered a total of [200+] exhibitors, and the number of visitors exceeded [79,453] in three days.


Xi 'an elite photoelectric technology co., LTD

In this exhibition, elite photoelectric brought high power uniform line laser, uniform line laser (special prism), uniform line laser (Powell prism), DOE laser, high stability laser, RGB laser, industrial laser module, DPSS laser and many other wonderful exhibits.


Kunshan Muteng Light Precision Optical Instrument Co. Ltd

In this exhibition, Mutenglight brought standard fixed doubling telecentric lens 110 series, built-in zoom zoom lens, large field of view bilateral telecentric lens, MVOTEM-guide automatic zoom lens 6.5:1, built-in fine-tuning, MVOTEM-guide automatic zoom lens 6.5:1.


Changshu Desheng Photoelectric Co., Ltd

Desheng brought a new machine vision module to the exhibition. This high-power structured light laser module is specially designed for machine vision and scientific research applications. The laser module is capable of emitting highly uniform lines at high power and can be used in extreme environments ranging from -30°C to 50°C.


Fortec (Lianyungang) Electronics Co., Ltd

Fortek brought 10Gbps Cameralink HS AOC, Coaxpress Repeater & Ccables, USB3Vision AOC, Long-Distance Transmission Camera to this show CABLE, IX_SWITCH_HU and many other wonderful products.


Linghua Technology (China) Co., Ltd

In this exhibition, Linghua Technology exhibited Neon-2000 series of industrial AI intelligent camera based on Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX module, as well as DLAP-221 AI edge station based on Huawei ALTAS 200 computing module. Together with many partners, Co-demonstration of AI machine vision solutions.


Guanghu Optoelectronic Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

This exhibition tiger visual light brings double telecentric lens, high precision measurement system, the infrared ultraviolet camera system, high-speed fly on display systems, rotary color line quashed, reciprocating infrared quashed, 3 d laser scanning platform, American BitFlow image acquisition card, Italy Alkeria rich visual products such as industrial camera.


Jiangsu Headway Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Headway brought a new product, Raptor VR series 3D camera, which was independently developed at this exhibition. Based on the principle of surface structured light, the product has a maximum scanning range of 3800mm, a color point cloud of 10.56 million points/second, a high precision of 0.1mm and a high frame rate of 3.3FPS, which attracted countless visitors.


Dongguan Letv Automation Technology Co., Ltd

Letv distinguishes the program display area from the product display area. The scheme exhibition area mainly includes: mobile phone screen surface defect detection (multi-angle line light source), bump/crease detection (LFM shadowless light source), the application of enhanced strobe controller, the application of rotating frequency controller, etc. The product display area includes: structural light source, remote linear light source, double Angle oblique light source, mini linear light source, super bright flash frequency back light source and various kinds of customized new products.


Eishi Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

This exhibition, Yi Sei Technology brought LVM-2000 series and 2600 series sensors, the series of product models are comprehensive, can meet the needs of a variety of scenes, a wide range of scenarios in the application.


Bozhong Seiko Technology Co., Ltd

The 4 new Coaxpress interface global shutter high speed cameras launched by Bozhong were first exhibited in this exhibition. Once they were exhibited, they exploded the scene quickly. In addition, the 3D industrial camera, DLP projection module, intelligent code reading camera and Deepai deep learning software launched by Bozhong also appeared.

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