China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition & Seminar on Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Application will be grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo on March 18th.

Under the wave of Industry 4.0, machine vision, as a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) field, also ushered in a vigorous development. The global machine vision market was around $8.9 billion in 2018, up 18.7% year on year, and is expected to exceed $14 billion by 2025, according to market Research firm Research and Markets. As an important communication platform for the industry, VisionChina Shanghai will be grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 18 to 20, 2020. This conference will pay close attention to the global economy, the pulse of the industry, technological innovation and buyers' needs, with "innovation release, international communication, brand promotion" as the core, to build a high-tech, high-quality, high-value communication platform.

Innovation release, international communication, brand promotion

Vision China (Shanghai) 2020 will bring together nearly 300 machine Vision manufacturers from all over the world. The exhibition range covers core parts, auxiliary parts and systems of machine Vision, such as intelligent camera, board card, software package, accessories, industrial lens, light source, image processing system, machine Vision integration, etc.

Machine Vision enterprises at home and abroad will showcase new products and technology launches at Vision China (Shanghai) 2020. For example, Lingyun, Haikang, Basler, Daheng, Huarui, Tonyou, Vieworks, Terrida, New Era, Keens, Opter, Laon Pepole, Baimeng, Heqin, FLIR, Allied Vision, Lucid Vision, Cogvision, LMI, OPTO, Wylon, Cogvision, Grand Nation Vision, Morite, JAI, Hollan, Salomon, etc. Explore new products, technologies and diversified solutions with you.

Seminar on Machine Vision Technology and Industrial Applications

We will explore the hot spots of frontier industries and build an international exchange platform for "production, education and research". The seminar on machine vision technology and industrial application held at the same time of the exhibition has always been one of the hot spots for professionals in the industry. This year's forum will be held in OW9 Pavilion. At that time, the organizer will invite well-known enterprises and experts at home and abroad to give special reports, insight into the industry hot spots, promote industry exchanges, and promote the more sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

Machine vision innovation product display area

Machine Vision Industry Alliance (CMVU) hosted the "2019 Machine Vision Enterprise Innovation Product Award" selection campaign has now officially launched, the selection scope covers light sources, lenses, cameras, intelligent processing technology, intelligent detection, vision software and accessories, etc. CMVU expert panel will select the finalist products after a series of evaluation, and these products will be displayed in a special area.

Machine Vision magazine is distributed free of charge to the industry audience

Machine Vision magazine has been published 19 times so far. It is a science and technology journal reporting the latest development of machine vision technology in China. It was published in coordination with the VisionChina exhibition held in three places. You can get it for free at VisionChina or go to to subscribe for free!

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Artificial intelligence, 5G, AI, embedded vision, deep learning

The development of machine vision is inseparable from the development of science and technology. Since the birth of artificial intelligence, the theory and technology are increasingly mature, and the application field is also expanding. The intersection and application of different disciplines has greatly accelerated the development speed and strain capacity of these disciplines. Applying AI to the machine vision industry will enable machine vision to transcend existing solutions for more challenging applications.

5G communication technology is an important opportunity for the great development of today's society. Machine vision needs to store and interact a lot of data, and for these data, 5G technology will be more valuable to mine and play.

Embedded vision is a direction of machine vision. Due to the emergence of processors with high computing power, low price and low power consumption, more and more computer vision applications can be realized on embedded systems. Due to the wide demand, both the market of embedded vision equipment and the market of microprocessors are developing rapidly.

Deep learning brings hope to traditional machine vision technology, while combining the advantages of deep learning reduces the time needed to develop machine vision programs.

We have always been quick to adapt to the internal and external environment changes, conform to the trend of technological revolution, industrial change and other trends, strengthen the global machine vision system integrators, core components and auxiliary manufacturers and downstream enterprises long-term close exchanges and cooperation. Visitors from semiconductor, electronics, electrical engineering, computer, communications, consumer electronics, optics, photovoltaic, automotive engineering, aerospace, transportation and other industries will also come to the exhibition!

VisionChina Shanghai Exhibitor Appreciation Dinner and Member Exchange Meeting

VisionChina Shanghai Dinner and Exchange is an information exchange platform provided by CMVU for exhibitors and members.

VisionChina Shanghai audience pre-registration is open, you are welcome to participate!

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