VisionChina (Shanghai) 2021 grand opening

On March 17, 2021, VisionChina held a grand opening in W1 and OV Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the theme of "innovation release, international exchange and brand promotion", the exhibition gathered all kinds of machine vision equipment, industrial camera equipment and comprehensive machine vision products of science and technology. At the same time, a seminar on machine vision technology and industrial application with the theme of "Empowered AI+ Machine Vision +5G+ Industrial Interconnection" was held. Invite industry enterprises and experts to give speeches to the audience, share their application practices in these aspects, and accelerate the pace of assisting the transformation of industry and manufacturing. Presents a grand feast of machine vision and artificial intelligence for the audience.

What's in the W1 pavilion? Various popular exhibits open diversified products and technologies

The exhibition covers light source, lens, industrial camera, intelligent camera, sensor, 3D vision technology, image acquisition card, image processing software and other comprehensive core parts and auxiliary products of machine vision.

Elite brands gather together

Aigun Light, Haikang Robot, Daheng, Basler, Aigun Allied Vision, Huarui Technology, Teledyne Imaging, Vieworks, Aupt, Aisu Vision, Keens, Borg, Baidu Intelligent Cloud, Heqin, Weilan and other new and old brands bring a new visual experience.


What will the OV Pavilion look at? Concurrent activities and features of the exhibition area revealed

Theme Forum: Empowering AI+Vision+5G+ Industrial Interconnection

At the same time, the theme forum will focus on artificial intelligence, 5G, deep learning, edge computing, embedded Vision and other keywords, with the theme of "Empowering AI+Vision+5G+ Industrial Interconnection", and show the latest application and development trend of machine Vision.

"2020 Machine Vision Enterprise Innovation Product Award" is about to be announced

"2020 machine vision enterprise innovation product selection" award ceremony will be on March 19 machine vision seminar site announced the winners, winners will be in the OV Pavilion "innovative products exhibition area" for a three-day promotion. This year all the participating products of the technical route has its own characteristics, each representative, some products in the world's leading level, enterprise product innovation is the source of the water to maintain competitiveness, only continue to adhere to independent innovation, Chinese machine vision enterprises can firmly grasp the market initiative.

Live in many ways

Are you still worried about not being able to attend the exhibition?

Are you still struggling with product selection?

Are you still perplexed by the numerous and complex applications of machine vision?

 Lingyun Light Technology Lecture Hall

The live broadcast will be held in 1422, Hall W1, and the dry goods speech with the theme of "intelligent manufacturing & artificial intelligence" will be launched.

 VisionChina (Shanghai) 2021 Live Online

China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition focuses on "5G, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Vision" as the main topic, and invites outstanding people from enterprises such as Allied Vision, Baidu Intelligent Cloud, Huarui Technology, MVTEC, Vieworks, Yimu Technology, Hona to accept video interviews. We will share with you the new trend of the industry, new product technology, innovative solutions and so on. At the same time, following the lens also allows the audience to watch the product display of mainstream machine vision brands online without going out of their homes.

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