Common Questions and Answers

We provide you with a list of common questions to help you understand the VisionChina Machine Vision Exhibition.

How to participate in the exhibition?
If you want to attend the VisionChina Machine Vision Exhibition, you must fill in the application form. We will check whether the exhibition meets the requirements according to the information on the application form. If it meets the requirements, we will send the confirmation of the exhibition.


Deadline of application for exhibition?
2 months before the exhibition

What is the minimum booth area?
The minimum booth is 9 square meters.

How to apply for exhibition?
Please show the process.

What does the booth price include?
[1] Standard booth price: including construction cost and booth fee.
[2] Bare space booth price: only include booth fee. Any additional services will be charged separately once they are available. (For example, booth construction, technical services and promotional publicity, etc.).

When and how to receive the invoice?
After receiving your application form, we will send you an exhibition confirmation and payment notice by mail. The deposit is 35% of the total amount, which needs to be paid in advance. We will issue separate invoices for the balance and require you to pay the balance 30 days before the exhibition. All exhibition-related invoices issued in the name of VisionChina Exhibition shall be paid in full by the exhibitor in the invoice, and the handling fee arising from the payment shall be borne by the exhibitor.

Are you allowed to participate in the exhibition jointly and what procedures are required?
Exhibitors are free to participate in joint exhibitions. The main exhibitor (the company applying for a booth from the organizer) must fill in the application form for joint exhibition. Joint exhibitors need to be recognized by the organizers. The cost of joint exhibition is 1600 yuan, which is borne by the main exhibitors.

What additional services can exhibitors book?
List of additional services

Can VisionChina Machine Vision Fair help with visa processing for entry into China?
We can provide an invitation letter to prove your reason for participating in the exhibition. You can apply for an invitation letter for you and your employees. We will send it to you in PDF form. The application invitation form and visa processing contact information will be attached to the exhibitor's manual and sent to you three months before the exhibition.

When and where will the VisionChina Machine Vision Exhibition be held?
Vision China Vision China Machine Vision Exhibition Series is an important platform for the further development of vision technology, which combines research and application with leading technologies in the global laser and optoelectronic industries.

Who can I consult if there are other questions?
For more questions, please contact us. VisionChina Machine Vision Exhibition

Review of Vision China Machine Vision Exhibition 2018?
977 exhibitors from 20 countries built a total exhibition area of 51,750 m in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, attracting 55,872 visitors.


Visit ticket prices?
Complete online pre-registration, you can visit free of charge!

What are the requirements for visiting VisionChina Machine Vision Exhibition?
The exhibition is open to pre-registered professional audiences free of charge. Tickets are free. Audiences must register online or on-site and carry their badges. Audiences under the age of 16 are refused entry.

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