Category of exhibits:

1. Machine vision core components:
Intelligent cameras: black and white intelligent cameras, line scan intelligent cameras, color intelligent cameras, CMOS intelligent cameras, ID reader, etc.
Cards: black and white acquisition card, image compression/decompression card, color acquisition card, etc.
Software package: image processing software, machine vision tool software;
Accessories: Industrial Camera, CMOS Camera, CCD Camera, Area Array Camera, CAMERA-LINK Camera, Line Scanning Camera, Infrared Camera, 1394 Interface Camera;
Industrial lens: FA lens, high resolution lens, image scanning lens, concentrating lens, telecentric lens, etc.
Light source: LED light source, ultraviolet lighting system, infrared light source, optical fiber lighting system, etc.
Auxiliary products: sensors, calibration blocks, gratings, gaskets, wiring and connectors, power supply, bottom plate.

2. Machine vision accessories:
Image processing system: optical text, recognition system, automation/robot technology, infrared image system;
Machine Vision Integration: Character Processing and Recognition System, Automation/Robot Technology, Infrared Image System, Tobacco, Banknote Printing, Electronic Assembly, Quality Detection, Automatic Recognition (OCR/OCV), Measurement, Intelligent Vision, Surface Detection, Printing, Packaging, Complex Industrial Object Vision Online, Automobile Manufacturing, License Plate, Intelligent Transportation, Biometric Recognition, Monitoring, Medical Detection Optical inspection system.

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