Intelligent manufacturing leads the high-quality development of the "Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence" sub-forum

Vision China (Beijing) 2021 will be held on July 21-22 in Beijing International Convention Center. The conference will focus on the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies of intelligent manufacturing, and discuss the new prospect of intelligent manufacturing. The sub-forum "Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence" will focus on artificial intelligence and focus on the application of deep learning in industrial vision.

The rapid progress of deep learning has significantly promoted the development of machine vision. At present, most machine vision processing systems can capture, transmit and store images and videos well, but lack efficient and accurate methods of analyzing, recognizing and mining the content of images and videos. The emergence of deep learning not only expands the overall scope of AI, but also separates tasks, making possible various types of machine assistance and providing more possibilities for the intelligent manufacturing industry. Now deep learning has been applied in many fields of artificial intelligence. The following enterprise speakers will analyze the development trend and technological innovation of deep learning and artificial intelligence in the field of machine vision technology from multiple perspectives.


Company Name: China Daheng (Group) Co., Ltd. Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch

Topic: AI and edge computing in industrial scenarios

Speaker: Li Dongping

Position: Senior Visual Application Engineer


Company Name: FLIR Systems, Inc.

Topic: Introduction of SONY Pregius S Sensor; Board-level camera capability and flexibility; Deep learning updates in machine vision

Speaker: Wang Chongpu

Position: Senior Sales Engineer


Company name: Sany Heavy Industry General Institute of Intelligent Research

Topic: Application of AI Intelligent Vision in Industrial Scenes

Speaker: Cao Enhua

Position: Director of Intelligent Perception Institute of SANY General Institute of Intelligent Research (Head of Machine Vision Algorithm)


Company name: dongsheng (suzhou) intelligent technology co., LTD

Topic: Difficulty and innovation of deep learning software in the field of industrial defect detection

Speaker: Han Xu

Position: CEO

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